Stephan Bonnar vs. Eric Schafer Set For UFC 77 In October

The following is from the official MySpace blog of UFC fighter Eric Schafer:

My next fight!

Hey all my dozens of Redimaniacs, it has been a while since I wrote a blog. I have been recovering from a broken rib (2 flippin' weeks before my UFC 71 fight). Recovery has been going quite swimmingly as I have been training hard since the beginning of July. My rib is fine and only bugs me when you blast a shot in the right spot. While I have been waiting for a fight to be scheduled I have been enjoying my summer, eating rasberry snowcones, and catching up on my soap operas (who knew Austin and Carrie would get back together?)…

Anyways, I got a call this morning from my manager Jeff Curran. Jeff, who just won his WEC debut on Sunday, told me that the UFC wants me to fight Stephan Bonnar! Oh snap! Stephan and I shared the same kickboxing coach (Duke Roufus), until Stephan moved out to Vegas a few weeks ago. I would probably rather fight anyone else to avoid conflicts, but business is business… So it is on! Stephan is a cool guy, so I guess I will have to generate some false animosity to push my training sessions. I am jealous that his minivan is a little cooler than my crappy neon, so I will start there. That dirty SOB!

The fight is at UFC 77 in Cincinnati on October 22. On paper I feel that it will be similar to the Bisping fight. His striking will be better, but my wrestling and BJJ are better. My cardio will be the key I think. Due to my knee injury, my cardio sucked versus Mike and I hit the wall fast. Now that my meniscus is fixed I can push my self again and come in ready for 3 hard rounds… While my camp will not start for a few weeks, I think I will clean up my diet after this weekend. No more snowcones or Papa Johns for me… I am about 235 lbs now of slightly shreaded paleness. I will hit the creatine, get up to 240 by September, and then the training camp will get me down to a nice slender 220 by fight time.

PALE FORCE POWER!!! Your minivan will be mine, Stephan!