Stephane Bonnar Feels He Is In Must Win Situation At UFC 100

From MMA.fanhouse:

“Winning is so important. It’s not just about fighting in the UFC. We get paid significantly more if we win. I have to win. I need to win…. I’m feeling better and I’ve learned to taper back a little bit. For example, I felt a little run down a few weeks ago, so I took a couple days off. Now, in the last two weeks of training, I’m only pushing hard once a day, while the second workout is lighter, not as intense…. I’ve been working on [my wrestling] a lot more. And, I kind of know he’s been working his standup a lot . So I wouldn’t be surprised if he traded with me for a little bit. But I expect his instincts to kick in and take me down, or try to take me down…. His biggest strength is wrestling and being on top of someone. Even with Shogun, you could see when he got him down, it was hard for Shogun to get up. It’s not a good place to be.”