Steve Austin Calls Jon Jones Annoying & A Hypocrite

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin had some strong words for UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones during his appearance on The MMA Hour earlier this week.

“I mean, you here a little stuff on the side, about his lifestyle. I mean, his lifestyle is a little bit different than what he preaches. But, as a fighter, premiere. And, God, in the light heavyweight division! And Gustafsson really handed him his ass and took him in the deepest water that he’s ever been in. So that’s going to be a hell of a rematch. Anyway, he kind of gets on my nerves because I think he’s living two lives. To a degree, yes [he is a hypocrite]”

Austin added that he respects Jon Jones’ fighting skills, but he finds Jones annoying and wants to see him get his ass kicked.

“Yeah, (he annoys me), but in a good way. I would love to see him get his ass kicked, because it’s going to take a hell of a man to be able to do that. I come from pro wrestling, I’m not a judge; but I think he (Gustafsson) did enough last time to get that victory. Some people agree, some don’t, nonetheless it was a hell of a fight. And we knew Gus was on his way up to be a superstar. That match made him a superstar. But, what that match proved to me about Jon Jones was that when he’s in deep waters, he had the heart of a champion. So, when I say some things about Jon Jones irritate me, I respect who and what he is inside that Octagon, make no mistake about that.”

Jones and Gustafsson will fight again at UFC 178 on September 28th.

Austin also gave his opinion on several other UFC champions, saying Cain Velasquez is star and a “bad ass” that lets his work in the octagon speak for itself. He put Chris Weidman over as a “star in the making.” He thinks Johny Hendricks “isn’t quite Georges St-Pierre” and called Anthony Pettis “exciting” and “almost there.” Austin loves watching Demetrious Johnson and said it’s going to take a a very special fighter to take the gold from Ronda Rousey.

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  • WCWJobber

    I agree with everything Steve says, I like Jon but hes such a douche sometimes and I really want him to get his ass kicked aha and I really think Gus can do that.. again

    • Doug Pendleton

      Why. Steve Austin is a woman beater.

      • pvnez

        steve Austin can tear jon into pieces he is man enough to hang jon upside down and that’s the bottom line stone cold said so.. now you can bark as much you can .. start because from now I want reply you female pimp..Austin is the one who made wrestling .

        • gotcha1988

          You are delusional. In a real fight with a real fighter, Steve Austin would get knocked into next week. Guaranteed. Who cares what these fake fools think?

      • Michael Kondratiuk

        What does that have to do with his opinions on MMA?

        • youngrob2121

          Because he had more of an opion on his “lifestyle” not him as a fighter… so someone who is know for beating on his wife shouldn’t worry about what jones does in his lifestyle and have an opion based on what he hears from other people… if jones gets asked about this and he talks about how steve is a known woman beater and a quitter who cries takes his ball and runs home and whatever else he’s heard about his lifestyle you would all cry and talk about how that’s not right… stone cold said he respects him in the ring so obviously he wasn’t talking about him as an mma fighter as you pointed out.

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            I think you’re mistaken. I was asking Doug Pendleton what his comment has to do with WCWJobber’s opinion on Jones. Doug attempts to undermine Jobber’s opinion due to it being the same as Austin. It’s an easy mistake to make.

    • brad

      I’m with you man Austin is always point on, smart man.

      • youngrob2121

        Austin is a woman beater, he should be the last person to talk about someones lifestyle and being a hypocrit.

        • brad

          He’s also the most popular wrestler in the history of pro wrestling who is a very smart and intelligent man.

          • youngrob2121

            What does any of that have to do with him being a woman beater? If he beat the hell out of your mom would you say hey it’s koo he’s the most popular wrestler of all time and he’s smart so my mom probably deserved it lol… fukoutta here with that… he’s a hypocrite for calling out someones lifestyle when his is no better or worst… so no he’s not on point always.

          • raven

            so he beat your mom or you want him to beat your mom?

          • brad

            That’s what I got out of it confusing fella if you ask me.

          • brad

            I’m with Raven here are you saying that you want him to beat you’re mom because you’re starting to get confusing.

          • Mr. noetol

            No way. Hulk Hogan was bigger. The Rock is bigger. And in recent years Austin has come off as a real asshole. I wouldn’t bother to boost his ego by even recognizing him if I saw him.

          • brad

            In professional wrestling Austin was bigger than the both of them but nowadays Dwayne Johnson is way bigger, but not Hogan.

        • Ryan Lawrence

          But Austin didn’t come out and try to portray some image of something he is not. He has never pretended to be a squeaky clean guy. That’s the difference.

      • gotcha1988

        Austin is retarded. And you are living in fantasy land.

    • Deadman

      Only because Jon Jones is cocky and arrogant at times makes him a douche, well when you have been champion and unbeaten so long being cocky and arrogant is justified

      • Michael Kondratiuk

        I disagree. Arrogance is a personality trait.

        • Ryan Lawrence

          I think Jones has earned the right to be arrogant, don’t you?

          • Michael Kondratiuk

            As I stated, arrogance is a personality trait. He would have previously been arrogant before his success as an MMA fighter.

      • Yourmomsmom

        Not really, it ruins prestiege the belt has because the holder of the belt is a jack ass.

        • Ryan Lawrence

          Did anybody say that about Matt Hughes? Brock Lesnar? Tim Sylvia? BJ Penn? They were all far more arrogant than I have ever seen Jones. The belt is bigger than any athlete who will wear it and as a result they do not have the ability to tarnish it simply because they are a jackass.

          • MayhemInMichigan

            Hell, Silva was the most arrogant fighter I’ve ever seen. Maybe not so much with a mic in his face, but when that door shut he became arrogant every fight.
            Funny that this is what eventually led to his demise.

  • njfan

    Its always sad to witness wife beater on wife beater crime.

  • Cranky Pussy

    Yayyyy quoting out of context! :) Good job Brad Davis, stir that pot!

    • Michael Kondratiuk

      In fairness it’s probably just ripped from elsewhere.

  • raven

    Jon Jones is an amazing person-for a year there were reports of him doing something amazing right before a fight-like stopping a robbery, lending out his home, etc etc then he became the IT guy and as Vince McMahon has proven for years and years-the heel draws the money. With GSP and Silva fighting so very boringly, with the other stars fading away, Dana needed a new draw and so Jon became the heel. Brock Lesnar changed a lot of things in the UFC. :)

    • youngrob2121

      Everyone wants to see the bad guy lose no one wants to pay to see thee good guy win… Why do you think Floyd plays up being such a bad guy, and being cocky… the guy is the highest paid athlete in the world… I think jones, rousey as well as lesnar while he was in mma realized that.

      • raven

        100% correct

  • Lego Pig

    God MMA is boring. It may be real, but the results are still rigged and there is very little exciting action, just rolling around on the floor hugging.

  • mR. Noetol

    For once Steve Austin says things that don’t make me want to fart in his dinner.

  • sawbuck

    notg sure why i should care what a fake fighter thinks about an mma champion. lots of fighters are dicks outside the ring/cage. so what. we pay to see them fight.

  • Cdwag

    Austin is a woman beater. What the hell does he know what Jones does outside the Octagon? No surprise something from the south convinces themselves of some bullshit reason to dislike a black guy. Jones clearly won the first fight too.,

  • gotcha1988

    Steve Austin? Who cares what a fake fighter thinks about real fighting? He’s an imbecile and has proven it every time he talks. He gets especially excited about the subject of men doing indecent acts with other men.

  • blaide waters

    Stone hotness shut the eff up,wife beater!

  • Jeremy Ryan Petrovich

    A pro-rassler calling a fiter fake is kind of like the guy from your local rec league calling a professional basketball player lousy in the paint. In some ways it may be true but it is not their place at all to make that judgment …………


    It says in your article jones will fight gus at UFC 178 on Sept 27th???? EEEEEHHHHH WUUUUUT? U SMOKIN??