Strikeforce Results: Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum


Antonio Silva vs. Fabricio Werdum
Round 1
Silva clips Werdum with a left hook. Werdum storms forward throwing leather and is cracked by a counter-right hand. Werdum falls face first to the canvas and Silva unloads with punches. A diving right hand lands flush and drives the crowd into a frenzy. Silva continues to unload, but Werdum weathers the storm and gets to his feet. Silva lands a snapping low kick to the right leg of his prey. Werdum lands a clean right hook to the jaw of Silva, but the bigger fighter isn’t fazed. Werdum is getting picked apart as he windmills his strikes.

Round 2
Werdum puts his head down and charges forward with a flurry of punches. Silva stands firm and knocks him backwards to the canvas. Silva engages from the top while standing before diving into half guard. Werdum baits him in and sweeps. Werdum is working from the top in half guard, but Silva is game. He stands and eats a knee to the chin in the process. The pace slows as Werdum clinches with his opponent against the fence. The crowd boos the lack of action. Todd Frederickson separates the fighters, and Werdum scoops a single. From half guard, Werdum is looking for an arm-triangle choke. Werdum passes to side control and Silva scrambles. Werdum hits a kneebar that fails. Time expires in the second.

Round 3
Silva attacks the lead leg of Werdum with low kicks. Werdum goes top the clinch and hits the left side of Silva’s body with his right hand. Werdum lands a low kick of his own and trips Silva to the mat. Silva turns his back, and Werdum capitalizes with punches to the head. Silva stands and absorbs two knees to the chin from the Thai plum. Werdum tries to defend Silva’s hands with head movement alone, and pays for it as three sharp punches connect. Werdum answers with a knee that grazes the face. A right-hand lead scores for Werdum. Werdum throws Silva to the mat and briefly has his back. Silva gets to half guard, where he takes three hammerfists on the lips.

All three official judges see the bout 29-28 for Fabricio Werdum, who takes the unanimous decision.

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