Strikeforce Results: Christian Uflacker vs. Jonatas Novaes


Christian Uflacker vs. Jonatas Novaes
Round 1
This battle of Chicago lightweights is overseen by referee Mike Reed. Uflacker starts the round shooting in and securing a double leg. He passes the BJJ black belt’s guard and starts to work from half. Uflacker is attempting to work by landing rabbit punches to the body, but not much is happening. Novaes lands punches to the top of his opponent’s head, but nothing substantial. Novaes gives up his back and stands, but Uflacker finds himself on his back. Uflacker looks for a leg and uses it to get back on top in the Brazilian’s half guard. The referee stands the two lightweights up and they engage again. Novaes grazes his opponent with a head kick but is taken down. Uflacker finishes the round on top. 10-9 Uflacker.

Uflacker vs. Novaes.Round 2
Uflacker shoots at the beginning of the second frame but is stuffed. The fighters clinch against the cage and Novaes finds himself on top in guard. Uflacker kicks his opponent away, but Novaes dives back into the guard. Uflacker is working a rubber guard, which is neutralizing his opponent. The referee stands them up. Uflacker wastes little time in securing a double-leg takedown. Uflacker moves to half guard and works some punches to the body. Uflacker continues to work from his opponent’s guard, but isn’t landing anything hard. Novaes attempts a sweep, but his Uflacker doesn’t give in. The round expires with Uflacker working from half. 10-9 Uflacker.

Round 3
Uflacker shoots in and secures another takedown after some failed kick attempts from Novaes. Novaes stands and soccer kicks the grounded Uflacker in the head and he is in immense pain. The doctor comes in to look at the downed fighter. Uflacker gets to his feet and is helped up by a doctor. It doesn’t appear he is interested in continuing. He is becoming more cognizant of what is going on and the doctor leaves the cage. It appears that he is interested in continuing. The referee talked to the judges and deducts two points. The fight continues and Uflacker gets back to his bread and butter, takedowns. Novaes senses the urgency in the later going and is working for anything off of his back, but nothing is there. The referee stands the fighters back up and it isn’t long before Uflacker secures another takedown and lands in the Brazilian’s guard. Uflacker continues to work with punches to the body as the round and fight comes to an end. 10-7 Christian Uflacker.

The judges score it 29-26 and 30-25 (twice) all for Christian Uflacker, who takes the unanimous decision.

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