Strikeforce Results: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers


Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brett Rogers
Round 1
Fedor is cut right on the noise right of the bat from a jab by Rodgers. Fedor swings wildly with both hands and misses short. Fedor cracks Rogers with a right hand and throws him effortlessly to the mat. Rogers is game as he quickly gets to his feet and clinches with icon against the fence. Fedor’s nose is a mess. He’s breathing from his mouth and wiping his nose. Rogers gets off the fence and gets mauled by a Fedor right hand. Fedor unloads with haymakers are pushes the off-balanced Rogers down. Rogers tees off with punches from the top and Fedor is busted wide open. Blood is pouring from the face of Fedor. Emelianenko goes for an armbar and Rogers has none of it. Fedor takes the top position and looks for an arm triangle. Rogers escapes. Great opening round, but Fedor’s face is jacked.

Round 2
Fedor shows good head movement in avoiding a Rogers left hook. Fedor clinches with Rogers, but the bigger man pushes him around. Fedor opens up with his hands, but only hits Rogers’ gloves. Rogers continues to push Fedor against the cage, but he does little else. Fedor gets off the cage and ends the fight with a right-hook lead that knocks Rogers flat. Fedor pounces with right and left hands until Referee John McCarthy steps in at 1:48 of the second. Fedor takes the TKO victory.

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