Strikeforce Results: Jake Shields vs. Jason 'Mayhem' Miller


Jake Shields vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller
Round 1
Shields gets a double-leg takedown right at the bell. He looks for an inverted kneebar and then transitions to Miller’s back. Miller stands and is taken back down. Shields fights for position and Miller gets to his feet. Miller picks Shields up and deposits him with a slam. He can’t hold Shields down. Miller then lands a suplex and takes side control. The frame ends as Shields turns his back.

Round 2
The fighters clash in the center of the cage and Miller lands a right hand. Shields is cut on the bridge of his nose. Miller gets a takedown, and Shields scrambles to take the top. Miller looks for a kneebar. Shields avoids danger and locks up a banana split. Shields stays in the position for several seconds, but he can’t finish the hold. Shields moves to Miller’s back with both hooks. Shields sinks his arm under the chin in search of a rear-naked choke. Miller escapes and ends up on top.

Round 3
Miller slams Shields to the floor to start the third period. Shields quickly gets to his feet, where he promptly returns the favor with a takedown of his own. Shields controls the head from side control. Shields briefly takes the mount before going back to half guard. Shields punches the body and goes back to the mount. Miller gives up his back and Shields locks in both hooks. Shields gets too aggressive, and Miller bucks him off. The fighters stand and referee “Big” John McCarthy calls a timeout to retape the gloves of Miller. The fight is restarted back in the clinch against the fencing. Shields trips Miller to the mat and begins to work from half guard. Miller gets a reversal and ends up on Shields’ back. Miller sinks a rear-naked choke and it’s tight. All Sheilds can do is hold on and wait five seconds for the bell. He makes it. Shields is clearly saved by the bell.

Round 4
Shields gets a quick takedown and does absolutely nothing with it. McCarthy gives him two minutes to work before standing the fighters. Miller lands a knee and then gets taken down attempting another. Shields advances to the mount, where he sets up an arm-triangle choke. Miller easily escapes, but gives up his back in the process. Both fighters are fatigued, but the action on the floor does not slow much. Miller rolls and Shields goes to side control. Miller gets to half guard before the horn.

Round 5
Shields lands a right hook to kickoff the final stage. Shields positions himself tightly against Miller’s frame and gets a trip takedown. Shields wastes little time before moving to mount. Miller gives up his back while trying to free himself from Shields dominant control. Shields has a body triangle locked on from the back as he punches the head with his right hand. Two minutes remain in the fight. Miller turns into his opponent and takes the top. Shields gets a quick sweep and avoids a Miller guillotine. Back in the mount is Shields. Miller gets to his feet before the horn signals the end of the bout.

Jakes Shields takes the unanimous decision with scores of 48-47 and 49-46 (twice).

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