Strikeforce Results: Shamar Bailey vs. John Kolosci


Shamar Bailey vs. John Kolosci
Round 1
The two welterweights touch gloves to start the bout. Bailey feints a job and explodes in to a double leg taking Kolosci to the mat. The Indiana native moves to side, but Kolosci moves back to half and eventually gets to his feet. Bailey secures the legs of “The Ultimate Fighter” veteran and gets him to the mat. Bailey looks for a guillotine and drops back to guard, but Kolosci is out of it and looks to work from guard. Bailey gets his base on all fours and stands up. Bailey uses the space to shoot and score another double-leg takedown. Kolosci looks for a guillotine, but nothing is there. Bailey moves to half. Kolosci is able to stand and the fighters clinch and exchange underhooks. The round ends after another Bailey takedown off of a flurry of glancing punches from Kolosci. 10-9 Bailey.

Round 2

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Bailey vs. Kolosci.Kolosci opens the round with a head kick that misses. Bailey shoots and starts his second round offensive from Kolosci’s guard. Kolosci battles to get back to his feet and from the clinch drops down for a single. Bailey shrugs him off and gets on top. He moves to half and briefly isolates an arm to gain the crucifix position, but Kolosci easily gets out. Back to the feet off of a scramble and Kolosci gets double under hooks. Bailey, who is showing he is the much better wrestler, pummels and puts Kolosci’s back in to the cage. Bailey lowers for the legs of his opponent and works for another takedown. Kolosci fights the attempt for as long as he can, but refuses to put his back to the mat. Bailey stands and lands an illegal knee to the head of Kolosci. Referee David Smith wastes little time stepping in and taking a point. Once action is restarted,
the two clinch and finish the round standing
with Kolosci’s back to the cage. scores the round 9-9.

Round 3
Bailey comes out aggressive in the third frame and starts the final stanza looking for another takedown. Working a single leg, Bailey forces Kolosci back in to the cage, where he sucks out the legs and finds himself in Kolosci’s guard. Bailey stacks and steps back from his opponent, allowing Kolosci to get back to his feet. Bailey shoots immediately to secure another takedown. Kolosci works his way back to his feet but it’s only a matter of time until Bailey takes the fight to the floor once again. With two minutes remaining, Bailey looks to work from half. The two men find themselves in the clinch again, and Kolosci lands a grazing right to the chin of Bailey, but cannot do anything after another successful takedown by his opponent. The fight concludes with the same pattern. Bailey gets a takedown, Kolosci stands, and Bailey gets another takedown. 10-9 Shamar Bailey.

Sports Betting

170 lbs.: Shamar Bailey defeated John Kolosci via unanimous decision (29-27 x3)