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Welcome to our live round-by-round coverage of the Strikeforce/M-1 Global: Fedor vs. Werdum event from San Jose, California.

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-Bobby Stack def. Derrick Burnsed via Split Decision after 3 Rounds.

-Yancey Medeiros def. Gareth Joseph via TKO at 1:19 of Round 2.

-Bret Bergmark def. Yagner Rocha via Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds.

-Chris Cope def. Ron Keslar via TKO at 4:32 of Round 2.


Fight #1:
-Josh Thomson vs. Pat Healy

Round 1: Both guys come out aggressive-minded early. Both guys land a decent shot before Thomson changes levels and shoots in for a successful takedown. Healy is quick to work his way back up but it isn't long before he finds himself on the ground with Thomson wrapping him up in multiple submission attempts. Healy is able to avoid what seemed to be close triangle and armbar attempts from Thomson. Healy finds himself on Thomson in a scramble and is looking for a rear naked choke. Another scramble leads to Thomson nearing a leg submission finish. Healy is able to escape and both guys get back to their feet to a big ovation from the fans in San Jose. This is looking to be a good fight. Round ends when Thomson taking Healy down as the horn sounds.

Round 2: Again both guys come out strong in the second. Healy lands a good shot that temporarily wabbles the knees of Thomson. Healy with a takedown on Thomson and is now trying to get his hooks in for full back control. He settles in Thomson's half guard and is landing some small punches that don't have a lot behind them. Thomson eventually scrambles to his feet with help from the cage, but Healy lends him a hand in putting him right back on the ground. Thomson is working for a triangle and armbar submission on the bottom again. Healy curls up and is going for a leg submission. He ultimately uses that attempt to regain firm control in top position. Thomson sees his opportunity and is again looking to sinch in the armbar. He came really close this time and the crowd was behind him all the way. Round ends with Healy on top controlling Thomson on the ground.

Round 3: Each guy comes out swinging with a purpose in this the third and final frame. Healy has landed a shot or two already that garnered some “oooh's” from the fans in the HP Pavilion. Healy is giving off the impression that he can finish this fight if he lands the right shot, whereas Thomson seems to be thinking strictly in terms of ground action for a stoppage opportunity in this fight. Both guys spend some time clinched against the cage jockeying for position. Healy gets Thomson's back as he was partially standing. Thomson shucks him off and is on top of Healy now. Thomson tries briefly to take Healy's back but is having trouble getting both hooks in to do anything with the dominant position. Thomson finds his way to Healy's back again and locks in a rear naked choke. Thomson sinks it in deep and Healy does a last-ditch effort to slam his body weight forward, hoping to KO Thomson head-first inton the mat. Thomson hangs on and with a full minute to go, he needed almost all of that time to actually tap Healy out with just seconds left. Looked like Healy was going to hang in there, but he just couldn't make it. Fun fight to start the show.

Josh Thomson def. Pat Healy via Submission (rear naked choke) at 4:27 of Round 3.

Fight #2:
-Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos vs. Jan Finney

Round 1: Both girls come out in berzerker mode with Finney actually landing some decent shots. Decent enough that I was just yelling like some crazy shit was about to go down. Ultimately Cyborg seems unphased seconds later. Cyborg drops Finney to her knees with punches, seemingly close to a finish but Finney comes back from nowhere with a Thai clinch to throw it all out there one last time. Seconds later she finds herself on the wrong end of a Cyborg beatdown again. The ref is really giving Finney a fair chance to continue, maybe more so than she even would like. Certainly more than she should be absorbing in one fight. No one can say she isn't a tough fighter. Cyborg knocks her down a few more times and each time looked about the same in terms of being a spot that should have been the end of the fight. The ref stops the action at one point and takes a point away from Cyborg for hittnig to the back of the head. Finney is back on her feet now getting a much needed rest. She has a bad gash around one of her eyes. Action resumes and they close in on each other like two rockem-sockem robots. God bless women's MMA — this is just scary and kind of depressing to watch, although Finney keeps having her moments to keep you into it. Cyborg knocks her down yet again. This time she's pushing hard for the finish but an upkick gives her enough space to avoid going out in that moment. Cyborg comes in like a crazy person looking to finish again. This is almost getting ridiculous now as Finney is really taking way more punishment than any other person should endure. Why is this ref not stopping it? Horn sounds to end the round. If Finney's corner has any mercy, they won't let her go back out for more of this.

Round 2: Both ladies comne out firing strong. I can't believe Finney is still in this fight. She actually tagged Cyborg again pretty good in one of the early exchanges. Finney will not go away. She really should man, this is depressing and I'm just at this point hoping for someone to jump in and bail her out. Another exciting exchange and Cyborg is looking to fatigue some. Certainly enough that it at the least cannot continue as this pace for three more rounds. Another few big shots from Cyborg and a knee to the face drops Finney for what would be the final time of the evening. Cyborg followed in with some more big shots and finally the ref saw enuogh. That was kind of hard to watch in one respect, but now that it's over, Finney certainly did do enough to have her “oh shit” moments for her highlight reel.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos def. Jan Finney via TKO (strikes) at 2:56 of Round 2.

Frank Shamrock's Announcement

A video package highlighting top moments of Frank Shamrock's career airs. After it concludes Frank comes to the cage to make his announcement. He says he learned a lot from his brother Ken. My mind immediately thinks the announcement is Frank vs. Ken, but now he's talking like it's a retirement announcement. That's what it is. They wrapped that up fairly quick and just like that Frank Shamrock has finalized yet another official retirement. We'll see if this one stands the test of time.

Fight #3:
-Cung Le vs. Scott Smith

Round 1: Smith comes out chasing around Cung Le like a bull who sees red. Cung doing a good job of avoiding any takedowns. Both guys are clinched against the cage now with Smith keeping busy on his promise to take the fight straight to Le. A loud “Cung Le” chant breaks out from the crowd during this lull in the action against the cage. Le finally creates some space and the fight is rapidly changing to his preferred tempo. Le is putting his kicks together now but Smith is not making it easy for him. Le blasts Smith with a big left punch that backs up Smith and has him on semi-wobbly legs. Smith shoots in for a desperation takedown but Le defends it with ease. Le throwing knees to the shoulder from the sprawl position now. Smith is literally pushing Le around the cage like a sumo wrestler now trying to break loose of the grip of Le. Smith has Le against the cage now and had Le wide-eyed and moving as Smith tossed some big bombs at his grill. Seconds later, Le hurts Smith with some punches and has him on the ground covering up for his life. Looks like Smith will survive the round.

Round 2: Le comes out and tags Smith with a good punch early. He follows that up with a classic Cung Le high kick that didn't exactly feel good either. Le is basically taking Smith apart at this point in what is beginning to look like a typical Cung Le offensive exhibition style performance. Cung Le drops Smith moments later with a whicked spinning back-kick that clearly was the beginning of the end. Le followed in with some punches that forced the ref to call the fight. Entertaining fight, typical Cung Le impressive performance.

Cung Le def. Scott Smith via TKO (strikes) at 1:46 of Round 2.

Fight #4:
-Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabricio Werdum

Round 1: Both guys come out and feel each other out a little bit. Werdum throws a nothing leg kick to test the waters. Fedor stuns Werdum with a punch. Werdum is knocked flat on his ass. Fedor follows in to finish him up on the ground but Werdum catches Fedor. Get ready people. Werdum spent a few seconds tightening up the triangle. He had an armbar in there too and Fedor Emelianenko just tapped his hand in submission, LOSING THE FIGHT to Fabricio freakin' Werdum. And THAT is how the insane run of Fedor ends. Wow. Insanity.

Fabricio Werdum def. Fedor Emelianenko via Submission (triangle-armbar) at 1:09 of Round 1.

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