Sylvia Feels Disrespected, Considering M-1 Global Move?

The following is an excerpt from an article on, where Tim Sylvia talks about possibly moving to M-1 Global after the last fight on his current UFC deal:

“I have one fight left on my contract,” Sylvia wrote (and cleaned up for publication). “I want to stay with the UFC, but I am going to go were the money is. Right now Brock is making more money than me. That has to change. I have a better name than him, and I am a better fighter than him.

When ( reported the UFC 81 salaries, we learned that Lesnar made a base salary of $250,000 for the fight (and would have earned a total of $450,000 with a victory over opponent Frank Mir). Sylvia earned $100,000 (and would earned a total of $200,000 with a win).

“In case you didn’t know, my manager runs (M-1 Global), so I have a pretty good in, so we will see what happens in the next few months,” Sylvia wrote.

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