The Shot Heard Round The World, Weidman KOs Silva


Weidman KO

….and there you have it folks, the new UFC Middleweight Champion of the World, Chris Weidman.


  1. He didn’t throw the fight. Come on now. He was reckless for sure. More so than usual. Sort of as if he didn’t care. Up to that point he was straight clowning Weidman. Still hard to believe.

  2. Silva WANTED to lose. He surely didn’t want to lose the way he did. But, he had no intentions of winning.
    *He, uncharacteristically, telegraphed all his shots.
    *The few REAL attempts Weidman tried to hit him were met with laughter.
    *He did NOTHING to try to win. He wasn’t committed to any of the strikes he threw.

    Wonder how Weidman feels, knowing he isn’t the guy that actually beat Silva. But, that he was the guy Silva chose to give the belt to, so that the rest of the division has a chance of winning gold.

    People talk of a Weidman era. Lol, its simply the post-Silva era.

    Any top 5 MW gives Weidman serious trouble. The only LEGITIMATE fighter Chris Hypeman has beaten, was an out of shape, depressed Mark Munoz, and Munoz is barely a top 10.

    Vitor, Sonnen, or Henderson beat Weidman convincingly.

  3. INTRODUCING YR NEXT CHAMPION VITOR/OKAMI/BISBING or anyone else in top 5 vs the weidman that was in that octogon last night. and ANYONE at 185 would of beat silva, imo with the halfass showboat jerk mode he displayed. it was like overeem times 1000. awful

  4. What’s sad is Weidman wasn’t the better fighter. Silva could easily outclass him… but Silva has mental problems I think. He got caught, acting like an idiot. There’s no real winner here…

  5. It was to the point that ppl were booing Silva, and I guarantee that the rates were down. Ppl (not me) were getting tired of Silva winning all the time. I can see someone paying him to lose. Either way, he’s been champ for 7 yrs!

  6. lol your all silva fanboys. Silva lost he got knocked out because he didnt respect his opponent thats his fault because of that he payed he lost in a fair fight so stop bitching he decided to do it plus anyways what more does he need to prove hes had that title for more that 6 years as well as never lost a ufc match until now but it was the pressure of holding the title he let his guard down and got knocked out. so stop acting like silva is immortal he was bound to lose eventually.

  7. all this fight throwing whiney crap is just sad… end results he was thumped and no longer has a belt! That will teach him to not to dance around like and showboat… This cat just got to him unlike the others!!!


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