The Ultimate Fighter 5 Results – Episode Eight

The following is a TUF 5 report for episode eight, courtesy of, the official TUF 5 website:

First, quarterfinal matchups need to be determined, so UFC President Dana White sat down with coaches Jens Pulver and BJ Penn to hash out the four bouts. Not surprisingly, Penn and Pulver weren’t on the same page when it came to picking the fights, and things got heated in a hurry. Cooler heads eventually prevailed, with the following bouts being set:

Lauzon vs Miller
Maynard vs Melendez
Diaz vs Hill
Wiman vs Gamburyan

Back at the house, some of the fighters sat outside and engaged in a little friendly trash talk that soon escalated into something a little less friendly between eliminated lightweights Marlon Sims and Noah Thomas. And once Sims got up and turned over the bench Thomas was sitting on, a fight broke out, with both fighters going at it to the delight of their housemates.

After a while, the impromptu bout ended, but seconds later it picked up again, with Sims actually slamming Thomas into the concrete as he tried to escape an armbar. Both fighters wound up bloodied, yet shook hands at the end, vowing to complete their business in a more formal setting – a sanctioned fight.

The next morning, White entered the house, and again, the UFC boss wasn’t happy. He told of his disappointment that the fighters didn’t conduct themselves as professional athletes, and he made his point even clearer when he booted Sims, Thomas, and Allen Berube (one of the ringleaders of the house fight) from the house.

And while all this extracurricular activity was entertaining, there was still an official fight to take place and it was a good one as Lauzon locked horns with Miller. The two fought at a furious pace in the opening round, with Lauzon surviving some rough moments early on to work his ground and pound on Miller, who nonetheless fought well from the mat with repeated submission attempts.

Round two held more of the same, but after an inadvertent elbow to the back of the head by Lauzon (who lost a point for the infraction), Miller was visibly hurt and affected by the blow. Once the doctor cleared Miller to return to action, the gutsy fighter tried to hang on, but Lauzon was not to be denied and he earned a stoppage win later in the second round.

After the bout, practically everyone (including Lauzon) was disappointed that the fight ended in that fashion, but at the end of the day, a win’s a win, and Lauzon moves on to the TUF5 semifinals. With Lauzon’s win, Team Penn now trails Team Pulver by a 5-4 mark.