The Ultimate Fighter 5 Results – Episode Three

The following are results from episode one of The Ultimate Fighter 5 on Spike TV from April 5, 2007. Results are courtesy of the official website of TUF 5, which you can visit at

After reviewing Manny Gamburyan's defeat of Noah Thomas last week, Dana explains that Jens is 2-0 over Team Penn. With Team Pulver still in control of the fight selections, BJ arranges a colonic for Gabe Ruediger, who he feels might be selected next due to his weight issues. During the Team Penn training session the next day, BJ sits down for a talk with Gabe about his lack of focus.

At Team Pulver's training session, Jens brings in a special coach for his team: Jeremy Horn. Nate Diaz, who has been a fan of Horn for years, is excited to learn that he will be part of his training. Meanwhile, Corey Hill, who is a newcomer to the sport, does not know who Jeremy Horn is.

Gabe visits the “Healing Waters” clinic for his colonic. After a session with a very enthusiastic nurse, he returns to the gym for his team's workout. After returning to the gym, Gray Maynard says that he's had to cut weight many times without ever having to undergo what Gabe just went through.

At the house, a few of the guys parade around in thongs to see which one of them is the biggest homophobe. A visibly uncomfortable Nate is in disbelief of what he's seeing.

The following day, both teams meet at the gym for the next fight announcement. Cole Miller and Manny Gamburyan both advance to the quarterfinals, and Dana asks Jens to pick who will fight next. Jens chooses Nate Diaz. Nate steps up to Robert Emerson and challenges him. Back at the house, the tagging from last week continues; Nate writes “209” on the walls, his hometown area code from Stockton, CA. Robert, meanwhile, draws his own designs. At the official weigh-in the next day, Dana states that this fight could go either way.

During the Team Penn training session, Rob prepares himself for his fight with Nate Diaz. He is determined to get a win for his team. Over at Team Pulver's training session, Nate reveals that nobody wanted to fight Emerson because he is one of the tougher fighters to face. Fight Day arrives, and Rob and Nate prepare to leave for the gym. Nate says that he has to release some of the tension created after seeing the messages to Team Pulver written on the walls last week. Rob feels that Nate is one of the toughest guys in the house, and that he's who he wants to be fighting. Nate and Rob enter the Octagon, and the fight begins.

During the first round, Nate manages to land a few hits on Emerson, and after an attempted takedown, Rob scores a few hits of his own. At the beginning of the second round, Nate forces Rob to back up onto the cage. Unleashing punches and elbows, Nate takes down Rob and pushes him harder up against the fencing. Nate goes for an armbar on a visibly exhausted Emerson, but Rob squirms out fo it, only to be caught in a full mount. Nate throws punch after punch onto Rob's head, then rolls him over to secure a rear naked choke for the win. The fighters feel that this was one of the best bouts of the season. Emerson states that he's never been finished in a fight before, but he will still continue fighting.