The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale Prelim PBP Results

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Rob Kimmons vs. Rob Yundt

Round 1
Yundt tries a lazy takedown but slips right into a tight guillotine. He's out but is caught in an armbar. He's out of that too. Yundt stuck in Kimmons' guard and landing elbows and punches to Kimmons' side. Kimmons misses a kimura but sweeps Yundt into half-guard. Kimmons passes and now has full mount and lands hard punches. Yundt scrambles but lunges into a guillotine. He can't escape and taps out. Very impressive win for Kimmons. The official time is 3:58 of the first.

Jeremy Horn vs. Dean Lister

Round 1
Hard left jab by Horn early jolts Lister. Horn reverses a single-leg attempt and lands in half-guard. Working from half-butterfly, Lister fails an omaplata. Horn scrambles and pops back up to his feet. Lister tries a few takedowns before finally scoring a double-leg. Lister sweeps and pulls guard when Horn tries to scramble again but is caught on a deep guillotine. It looks grim for Horn. He taps out. The time of the submission is 3:52 of the opening frame.

Matt Arroyo vs. Matt Brown

Round 1
Good right cross by Arroyo early but Brown shrugs it off. Hard low kick by Arroyo followed by a flurry. Arroyo pins brown along the fence. Arroyo scoops up brown and pins him at the bottom of the fence. Brown scrambles back up but Arroyo pins him again along the fence. Good punches by Arroyo pepper Brown's face. Brown's nose is pouring blood. Arroyo is just faster and more assertive. Brown won't quit and fires back. He hurts Arroyo with a tight hand and just misses a left head kick. Great action. 10-9 for Arroyo.

Round 2
Arroyo a little tentative early. Brown really picking up the pace and fires a tight kick to Arroyo's head that grazes him. After a clinch, Arroyo pulls guard. Arroyo trash talking after each punch from Brown. Arroyo tries a triangle but Brown has none of it. Brown scoots Arroyo onto the fence and really pours on the ground-and-pound. Several hard punches hurt Arroyo. A few more land, forcing referee Herb Dean to step in. TKO for Brown with the time being 3:40 of the second round.

Marvin Eastman vs. Drew McFedries

Round 1
They come out banging. Eastman rocked by a right uppercut. McFedries tees off and lands a series of glancing punches and knees. Marvin flops around trying to score a single, but McFedries shimmies away. It's going to end soon; Marvin is in bad shape. McFedries throws Eastman to the canvas and unloads punches. Referee Steve Mazzagatti quickly stops it at 1:08 of the first.

Cale Yarbrough vs. Timothy Credeur
It has been reported that this fight has been cancelled. Stay tuned for an update.

Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett

Round 1
Hazelett yawning just before bell. Both guys throwing head kicks but nothing lands. Brief exchange of punches and Burkman has a small cut over his left eye. Huge double leg by Burkman but he falls into a guillotine. He escapes but Hazelett applies a deep omaplata. He escapes that but is now caught in a rear-naked choke then a D'arce. It's very deep. He somehow escapes that and is now in Hazelett's half-guard. Very intense grappling. Round ends once Burkman scrambles out of full-guard and onto his feet. 10-9 for Hazelett.

Round 2
Burkman clips Dustin with a spinning back kick to the head. Hazelett counters with a stiff overhand right. Not much action now; just missed kicks and random punches. Hazelett leaps onto Burkman's chest to try and pull guard, but Burkman pins him into the cage. Burkman circling away with not much offense. They flurry late and Hazelett clips Josh with a right head kick. They clinch and Hazelett tries a wizzer but Burkman stuffs it. From there Hazelett slinks over Burkmans right shoulder and latches on an armbar. Burkman taps out! The official time is 4:46 of the second.


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