Tito Ortiz Confirms He Will Not Be Back In The UFC

The following is from an article on MMAWeekly.com:

During an appearance on MMAWeekly Radio Wednesday night, Ortiz says he is “100%” that he will not return to the UFC.

“Me going to somewhere else is 100% happening,” said Ortiz.

Ortiz alluded to his frustration with the president of the UFC, Dana White, as the major factor in the decision, but he admitted he left with a heavy heart when saying goodbye to the fans after his fight last Saturday night.

“Later on after the fight was over, I was sitting down going over the loss, I think that’s when it really touched me that that’s going to be my last time walking out for the UFC,” Ortiz stated. “It’s really hard to say, but the president, the way he treats me, I can’t continue on with them. He’s a monster and I’m going to go elsewhere where they respect me.”

“I’m very thankful for the fans, every one of the fans, I even talked to after and so forth, we’re like `we’re going to follow you no matter what Tito, no matter where you go. We’re going to follow you.’ It’s just the fact of getting the greatest fights ahead of me from this point on and continue my career, turn the next chapter in my life.”

It seemed for a moment following the fight between Ortiz and Machida that possibly fences could be mended between the fighter and the promotion, but the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” says his mind is made up.

“No, I’m not going back to the UFC, I don’t want to,” commented the former champion. “I can sleep now and not worry about what’s going to be said about me. I don’t have to worry about what I have to say to make sure I say the right thing. I’m sick of kissing ass and I’m not doing it anymore.”

I suppose this also means that last time you will see Tito Ortiz mentioned on the UFC board here at MMANews.com


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