Tito Ortiz Says He’s Returning To TNA Wrestling Soon

Bellator MMA fighter Tito Ortiz says he’ll be returning to TNA Impact Wrestling soon, either in August or September. During an interview with CagesideSeats.com at Wednesday’s Bellator media day in New York City, Ortiz said:

“I’m actually returning August or September. I’ll be coming back to TNA and doing some stuff. It’s in the works with Dixie. She reached out to me and I’m a big wrestling fan. I’ve been a wrestling fan since Junkyard Dog! We have some ideas.”

Ortiz, who has made multiple appearances for TNA over the years, returned to the company last August as the man behind TNA’s cryptic #August1Warning viral campaign. He went on to have a wrestling angle with fellow MMA star “Rampage” Jackson to hype their fight at the Bellator 106 pay-per-view, which was ultimately canceled due to Ortiz suffering a neck injury while training.

TNA made mainstream headlines earlier this week when TMZ.com broke the news that their flagship television show Impact Wrestling was being dropped by Spike TV. Since then, both TNA and Spike have said they are still “in negotiations” – and Tito gave his thought’s on Impact’s future on Spike:

“I think Spike TV needs pro wrestling on there. I know they have a big fan base. Maybe it’s all just negotiations, back-and-forth with money. It’s a business and I understand that, so we’ll see what happens.”

  • Fantasma George

    I give up, this b¡tch (Dixie) really doesn’t know what she’s doing, doesn’t she?

    • Dixie Carter

      When you use hateful terms to describe me, it does you no justice. I am working out a great deal to take my company to new heights. TNA is a household brand.

      • Fantasma George

        Carter the person, not the poster!

  • Fantasma George

    Ah damn, how did I get here? I was on sescoops where this got crossposted.

    If I said something undesirable to you MMA people then sorry, but really this guy, King Mo, and Rampage on TNA have just been awful to watch.

    • UnbiasedTNAFan

      They’ve barely been on TV…Obviously, you don’t watch.

      • Fantasma George

        Trust me I have seen them, they don’t even get in the ring they just dick around the back segments prancing and being useless. I’d say ‘that needs to end’ but since the end is so neigh you could argue that wasting time and money signing them contributed to the problems.

  • raven

    I think that when Tito appeared on TNA it was the biggest let down and also the most silent an arena has ever been. TNA has NOTHING to gain from tito

    • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

      Agreed, having one MMA guy is alright, but having 2? Heck they were trying to learn wrestling as well as MMA weren’t they? You’d have to commit yourself to one.

      • raven

        and at his, or rampages, age they won’t be great at either one. why waste the time and money for someone who will never really get over with your fan base or bring in money?

        • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

          Who knows? It is possible since well DDP was an example, but ehhh, these guys would have to commit themselves fully.

  • corykraus

    *sigh* Here we go again.

  • Kenny Wood

    If Spike really wants pro wrestling on it’s network thy should start talks with ROH or give Jeff Jarrett a call. Really, it’s time to let TNA die.

    • Magna

      ROH is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, a rival network to Spike/Viacom, won’t happen.

  • Adam-Michael

    sooooo tna are possibly going down the toilet with hardly any money left…. so they are going to bring back in high paid fighters to do nothing? BRILLIANCE!