TJ Dillashaw: “I’m Pretty Pissed, Faber Isn’t Deserving Of Cruz Title Fight”

Apparently TJ Dillashaw isn’t happy at all about his former teammate Urijah Faber getting the next shot at UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz.

Dillashaw recently spoke about UFC’s decision to go with Faber as Cruz’s first title defense, as opposed to giving him an immediate rematch. Below are some highlights of what Dillashaw said about the subject.

On finding out about the Cruz-Faber III bout and his reaction:

“I flew to Las Vegas and met with [UFC CEO] Lorenzo Fertitta to plead my case. They entertained the idea of an immediate rematch. They said they’d let me know in two weeks — then I found out on social media Faber got the fight.

“I’m pretty pissed. Faber isn’t deserving. The only way this guy has stayed relevant during the last year is talking s— about me. It’s unfortunate everything has become more about entertainment than sport. I just had a very competitive fight with Cruz. I don’t think Faber has a chance. I hope he does win, but it’s all about giving him his last title shot now. I think the UFC feels they can’t give him another fight before then and expect him to win.”

On the fact that he’ll be ready in case Cruz of Faber pulls out:

“I’m going to be ready and in shape if one of those guys gets hurt. One of them is old and one of them is constantly hurt, so, you know, I’ve got a good chance.”

Headlined by the rematch between Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman for the UFC Middleweight title and featuring the Cruz-Faber III bout for the UFC Bantamweight Title, UFC 199 is scheduled for June 6, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.