Tons Of Mirko CroCop News & Quotes From Conference Call

The following notes are courtesy of Chris Howie, who was representing in today's UFC conference call with president Dana White and Heavyweight fighter Mirko CroCop.

-Mirko CroCop will be returning to the special police after he's done in Parliment. That is expected around November.

-CroCop is very excited to fight in the UK for the UFC this Saturday. He claims he is in perfect condition for this fight.

-CroCop's goal is to win the UFC Heavyweight title right now. He's not thinking about Fedor at the moment.

-CroCop thinks he adapted to the cage and rules well.

-CroCop said he wants to continue using the original PRIDE theme song as his ring-walk music in the UFC. He won't be Saturday though, he's returning to his old PRIDE ring-walk music, “Wild Boyz.”

-Dana White puts Mirko CroCop over as one of, if not the best striker in MMA today.

-CroCop said he has liked kicking since he was a kid. He has been training kick-strikes on a sand bag since he was 11 or 12 years old.

-He isn't looking to fight anyone specifically in the UFC. Welcomes all challenges.

-He feels comfortable on the ground, but still prefers to fight standing up.

-Feels he has no space to move down the Light Heavyweight division. He said he would like to fight Chuck Liddell, but would prefer Liddell moving up to Heavyweight, as opposed to him moving down to 205 lbs.

-CroCop isn't getting caught up in the hype he's gotten coming to the U.S. and the UFC. His focus right now is simply on beating Gabriel Gonzaga and he doesn't want to look past this fight.

-CroCop said his key to beating Gonzaga will be trying his best and bringing his best game.

This is only some of the stuff mentioned today. Keep checking as we'll have very detailed recaps with anything newsworthy from the conference call.