Tons Of News From HDNet Fights Conference Call


Chris Howie reporting….

OCt. 13th At the American Airlines Arena

Erik Paulson VS Jeff Ford

Justin Eilers VS Justin Howard

Mark Cuban

-Cuban gives credit to Dana White for making MMA huge.

-Being a fan inspired him to look into the buisness aspect of MMA

-To him it's all about the fighters, it's not about whether the ring girls have big racks, its about letting the fighters put the show on.

-There will be fights on every Friday night on HDNet

-Have talked with IFL and Art of War to have fights on HDNet Fights

-trying to come up with the best deal for Fedor. HDNet Fights offers things he likes but they are also competing with the UFC and other orgs for his services

-Cuban has had meetings with Vince, Linda, and Shane McMahon

-The McMahons are interested in MMA but are worried that people would believe that cards could be fixed or scripted

-the goal for programming is to have MMA on the channel on Friday Nights

-There will be a show hosted by Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice and it will be called Inside MMA, similair to Inside the NFL.

-Nothing has really been talked about for PPV.

-There should be live fights as well

Guy Mezger

-instead of being organization driven they want HDNet Fights to be talent driven

-Mezger puts over all the fighters that they have on the card.

-Pete Spratt VS Sammy Morgan

-Sean Salmon Leopoldo Serao

-Filikitonga VS Joel Travis in Super Heavyweight

-Main event of the evening will be Erik Paulson VS Jeff Ford. Paulson is coming out of retirement for this.

-because the show was in Dallas they wanted to have a lot of Dallas talent there.

-They have been in talks with Josh Barnett

Erik Paulson

-puts over HDNet Fights

-talks about making his return to MMA and talks about the talent of his opponent, Jeff Ford

– Paulson lists ALOT of top heavyweights he was training with including, Josh Barnett, Fedor, and the Nogueiras. Also mentions training with the Lions den

-for this fight he was training with Babalu, Josh Barnett, Ricco Chipperelli

Jeff Ford

-plans to really drill his ground game so that he can compete with Erik Paulson

-has trained with ATT, Frank Shamrock, MFS. HAs trained ground game but has never applied it. Jokes about having a problem rolling around on the ground with a half naked guy.

-hopes to keep the fight standing and belives he has 1 punch knock out power.

Justin Eilers

-excited to be fighting for HD Net.

-moved to Vegas to train more full time MMA. In the past he focused to much on boxing

-glad to be fighting a guy that will fight his fight.

-trains at the Fight Club in vegas.

-main reason he left Militech was because when he fought Arlovski for the title Sylvia said he wouldnt train with him because he felt it was his title

-thinks there are to many cheifs and not enough opinions at MFS

Freddie Espiricueta

-Glad to be back fighting for HDNet Fights

Jason House

-Has been looking forward to fighting Freddie

-looks forward to putting on a show for the fans in Dallas – Your #1 Source for Boxing and UFC Equipment. Updated Health & Fitness Blog (>>)



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