Tons Of PRIDE News From Dana White Conference Call

The following notes are courtesy of Chris Howie:

The following are a few notes from the Dana White/Mirko CroCop conference call held today. These notes are only that of which involves PRIDE's future under the Zuffa ownership:

-Dan Henderson will not be stripped of his titles, but they don't know how they're going to handle him being a champion in two divisions actively, yet.

-Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will not be moving over to the UFC side. He will remain a PRIDE fighter.

-There won't be anymore Super Heavyweight matches, freak-show matches or huge mismatches anymore.

-Frank Trigg is gone. He won't be an announcer for PRIDE anymore. They are still looking for a new broadcast team.

-Doesn't know what's going on with Gary (Jerry) Millen or how he will be handled.

-Feels Josh Barnett doesn't like him, as he's alluded to in the media, but still wants him to fight for the new PRIDE.

This is only some of the stuff mentioned today. Keep checking as we'll have very detailed recaps with anything newsworthy from the conference call.