TUF 10 Finale Results: Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach

Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach

Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach
Round 1
Edgar misses a potent head kick at the bell. Veach lands a left hook lead and then attempts a single-leg takedown. Edgar has none of it. A second attempt scores, as Veach lifts Edgar high into the air and deposits him on the canvas. Edgar looks to hit a switch. It fails, buit he scrambles back to his feet. And again he is slammed hard to the mat. Veach appears to have a strong advantage in the wrestling department early on. Edgar works to his feet and snaps Veach’s head back with a straight right. Edgar is the more refined standup artist. He uses a jab and a low kick to set up a right hand. Veach swings for the fences on every punch, and he has yet to score clean since the opening minuite of the frame. 45 seconds remain in round one. Edgar uses good head movemtn to sneak in a left hook.

Round 2
Edgar stuffs two Veach single legs in the opening minute of the second stanza. Edgar controls the wrist and widens his base to defend the second attempt. Edgar cracks Veach with a right hook. Veach stumbles and collapses to the floor. Edgar jumps on his back and then transitions to the mount. Edgar pounds away and Veach turns his back to avoid punishment. Edgar slips his arm under the chin and secures a tapout from a rear-naked choke.

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