TUF 10 Finale Results: Houston Alexander vs. Kimbo Slice

Houston Alexander vs. Kimbo Slice
Round 1
Alexander circles away from Slice and throws a low kick. One minute has passed and Alexander has circled away from Kimbo for the duration of the bout. 90 seconds in, and all to show for it is two missed low kicks by Alexander. Houston slips in an inside low kick. Kimbo stops chasing his prey momentarily to ask Alexander if he wants to fight or not. Good times. Slice throws a left-hook lead that falls short. Slice closes the distance and unloads with a fast left and right. Alexander slips them both. Slice then cracks Alexander with a right hook. Alexander survives and misses a knee from the Thai plum. The pace slows again and Alexander lands another inside low kick. And another. Alexander continues to work exclusively on the left leg of Slice. The crowd showers the Octagon with boos.

Round 2
Alexander continues his circle fest in embarrassing fashion. Alexander runs away from a Slice right hand like Kalib Starnes. Alexander slaps his foot off the left knee of Slice and winces. Slice lands a jab that rocks Alexander. Slice picks Alexander up and deposits him on the mat. Slice jumps to mount. Alexander escapes the sloppy positioning and is hurt by a Slice right hand. Slice picks Alexander up and slams him in one of the scariest impacts I have ever seen. I feared for a split second that Alexander’s neck was broken, but he’s fine. Alexander moves to the mount and roughs his for up with his right hand. Alexander stands again, and is taken back down. But this time, he lands in the mount at the sound of the horn.

Round 3
Slice baits Alexander into a sloppy exchange. Alexander gets a right hand in. Slice answers with the most feminine punches he’s thrown in his MMA career. Alexander jabs with his hands down, and Slice looks too tired to counter. The pace and the circling have stopped. Both fighters are fatigued. Alexander kicks Slice’s left leg out from under him. Slice is slow to stand and Alexander tries to pounce on the fallen fighter with punches. Slice makes it to his feet and trips Alexander to the canvas. Slice works from the top in half guard. Referee Josh Rosenthal stands the fighters up with 58 seconds remaining. Both fighters are too tired to do anything. With 10 seconds left, Slice sacks up and throws a right hand. Alexander lands a standing elbow at the bell that backs Slice up.

Official scores: Kimbo Slice takes the unanimous decision with scores of 29-28 (twice) and 30-27.

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