TUF 10 Finale Results: Marcus Jones vs. Matt Mitrione

From Sherdog.com:

Marcus Jones vs. Matt Mitrione
Round 1

Mitrione vs. Jones.Mitrione roughs Jones up with a right hand to get the action started. Jones closes the distance and slams Mitrione to the floor and lands directly into side control. Mitrione uses the cage to “crawl” to his feet and a slugfest ensues. Jones attempts a takedown without properly dropping levels and eats a knee to the chin for his transgression. Jones pushes Mitrione against the fence and does little else. Mitrione knees the body and stopms the right foot of his foe. Jones locks up a Thai plum and Mitrione flops to avoid a knee. Mitrione scrambles to his feet and gets caught in an arm-in guillotine. Jones pulls guard with the choke, but he’s unable to secure a finish. Mitrione stands and waits for Referee Steve Mazzagatti to stand Jones. Mitrione falls victim to a double-leg takedown, but he pops right back up to his feet. Mitrione peppers Jones with a right hook that buckles the large man’s frame. Jones counters with a trip takedown at the horn.

Round 2
Jones, chin high in the air, rushes forward with a low kick and a sloppy right hand. He is met with two right crosses that put his lights out. Mazzagatti swarms to protect the fallen fighter at the 0:10 mark of round two.

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