TUF 20 Competitor Angela Magana Releases Series Of Explicit Photos (UPDATED)


In response to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino’s recent sarcastic comments regarding women’s MMA fighters focusing on Twitter more than training, Ultimate Fighter 20 contestant Angela Magana has released a series of explicit photos on social media.

“Just want to thank you Cyborg for the advice on how to become popular,” said Magana via Twitter. “I skipped training and uploaded some ass pics. It works. XoxO !!”

Below and across the next few pages are the photos from Angela Magana’s Twitter page.

NOTE: New photos have been added on pages six and seven.


  1. Pic 1 is not hot at all. Angie, if your arms are hairer than mine and your gut is even flabbier, that’s a dealbreaker! That being said, she looked decent in the last 3 pics.

  2. pozessed you would be licking that pussy saying you wanted to marry her’ and you never loved anyone like her before

  3. she might as well do nudie pics cause she sucks as a fighter…..all she can claim from the show was that she had a big mouth that she can’t back up……did a lot of talking AFTER she was disposed of…….

  4. i’m pretty sure that was the hair on her head u were seein’ in that first pic. she had it where it was coverin’ her chest.

  5. Ironically these women get into fighting competition and tend to dislike the stigma of being sexual objects, yet many of them do these things for publicity. Bloody awful.. Nothing more than prostitutes. And the wankers eat it up.


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