UFC 100 RESULTS: Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

Round 1

Bisping displays lots of lateral footwork and a jab. Henderson stalks his opponent across the cage while throwing bombs. Bisping slips everything and gets in a short left. Henderson clips Bisping with a right hand and he’s hurt. Henderson unloads with both hands, but Bisping recovers. The European fighter moves swiftly on his feet; refusing to trade with the more dangerous Henderson. Bisping continues to move well and he’s connected a few times with his jab. Henderson has hit nothing but air with his right hand in a good two minutes. Bisping uses a double jab to set up a glancing right hand. Henderson rushes and ties up with his opponent near the fence. Henderson knees the body. Bisping surprises everyone with a takedown attempt. It fails miserably. Henderson connects with a hard right before the horn.

Round 2

Henderson chases Bisping around the cage, winging his right hand. Bisping runs and jabs selectively. Henderson connects with the temple as Bisping retreats. Bisping is putting some serious miles in. Bisping finally throws a right hand, and it connects softly. Henderson knocks Bisping out cold with a right-hook counter. Henderson gets in a right elbow for good measure. Bisping is out cold for several minutes. The official time is 3:20 of round two. [Credit: Sherdog.com]