UFC 102 Results: Chris Leben Vs. Jake Rosholt


Chris Leben vs. Jake Rosholt
Round 1
Rosholt gets the contest started with a low kick. Leben attempts to return the favor, but comes up short. Rosholt snaps home another low kick in a tentative first minute. Rosholt snaps Leben’s head back with a straight right to the chin. Leben gets a takedown with a trip, but Rosholt would not be held down. Leben comes forward and is tagged by a left hook. Rosholt gets a clean single and mounts Leben. The punished fighter defends and stands as he absorbs a right hand and an elbow. Leben throws caution to the wind and starts winging haymakers.

Round 2
Leben turns up the pressure and he knocks his prey off balance with a left hook. Leben jumps on top and starts throwing left hands from half guard. Rosholt gets back to guard, and absorbs right hands to the body for his effort. The action slows and referee Yves Lavigne stands the fighters. Rosholt kicks the lead leg of Leben to keep him at bay. Leben comes forward with a low kick and follows with a straight right that scores. Rosholt ducks his head and steps forward with leather. It sets up a beautiful single leg. Rosholt hits the head and body before standing.

Round 3
Rosholt gets a quick takedown. He sets up and arm triangle, and Leben has none of it. Rosholt takes the mount. Leben tries to give his back, and Rosholt goes for the arm triangle again. This time there is no escape. Rosholt chokes Leben out cold. Lavigne steps in at 1:20 of the third.