UFC 103 Results: Drew McFedries vs. Tomasz Drwal


Drew McFedries vs. Tomasz Drwal
Round 1
McFedries comes out swinging for the fences and Drwal keeps his distance with kicks to the lead leg. McFedries is really loading up on his punches as he unloads with both hands. Drwal answers with a left hook that opens a small cut above the right eye of McFedries. Drwal lands a snapping low kick and enters into a clinch with his dangerous opponent. Drwal, while standing, takes the back of McFedries. He winds up heavy knees and connects them with the left thigh of his foe. The fighters separate and go toe-to-toe with punches. Drwal gets the better of the exchange as McFedries is already gassed out. Drwal gets a takedown and moves to mount. Drwal unloads and forces McFedries to give up his back to avoid punishment.

Round 2
Drawl roughs McFedries up with a series of straight-punching combinations. Drwal gets a takedown and moves to side control. Drwal advances to mount and McFedries offers nothing to resist. Drwal takes the back and secures a tapout at the 1:03 mark of round one from a rear-naked choke.