UFC 108 Results: Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon

From Sherdog.com:

Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon
Round 1

Miller vs. Lauzon.Miller pushes forward and clips Lauzon with a right hook. Lauzon counters fire and Miller slips in a left hook. Lauzon stands tough in the pocket and drops his foe with a left-hook counter. Miller bounces back to his feet and eats a knee for his hustle. Miller recovers and latches on a Thai plum. He jumps vertically and misses a knee to the chin. Lauzon lands power shots to the body from both hands. Miller picks up the aggression, but he fails to land a clean blow. Miller scrambles for a takedown and Lauzon hops on his back. Miller easily escapes danger and transitions to side control, where he hops over and applies an inverted triangle. Lauzon offers little defense to the position as Miller moves into an inverted armbar. Lauzon taps at 3:05 of the first.