UFC 108 Results: Mike Pyle Vs. Jake Ellenberger

From Sherdog.com:

Mike Pyle vs. Jake Ellenberger
Round 1
Ellenberger charges in on Pyle right off the opening bell. He counters a jab with an overhand right that does not connect, but sends Pyle scurrying away. Ellenberger pursues him to the fence and takes him down to the floor. Pyle works a high closed guard that keeps Ellenberger at bay for the moment. Pyle opens his guard and gets his right foot on the hip of his opponent as he tries to get something going. Ellenberger is not very active from the top but finds a shot here and there. Pyle throws some elbows from the bottom that don’t affect Ellenberger at all. Pyle tries to switch his hips and work a submission from the bottom but Ellenberger stands in his guard and when he does not settle back in, referee Yves Lavigne brings them back to their feet. Ellenberger wastes no time and sinks Pyle once again with a double. Pyle latches onto to a kimura but Ellenberger defends. Ellenberger tees off with hammerfists as Pyle turtles up in the frames closing seconds. Pyle is slow to get up after the horn sounds. Sherdog.com scores the round 10-9 for Ellenberger.

Round 2
Ellenberger crushes Pyle with a right hook and pounds away with punches along the cage. Lavigne has seen enough and stops the bout at 22 seconds.