UFC 75 Live Spoiler Coverage – Update #7

The following is from Sherdog.com:

Cheick Kongo (Pictures) vs. Mirko Filipovic (Pictures)
Round 1
Kongo works the legs and lands a knee to the body. “Cro Cop” fires two left leg body kicks that land. Kongo slips while throwing a kick but Mirko can't take advantage. Kongo pushes Cro Cop against the cage and throws knees to the inside of Mirko's right thigh. Filipovic catches a Kongo body kick and takes him to the mat. The Croatian lands an elbow from half-guard and throws left hands to the body. Mirko takes the mount with 50 seconds remaining. Punches land for the PRIDE veteran. Kongo escapes in the round's final seconds Sherdog.com scores the first 10-9 for “Cro Cop.”

Round 2
Two hard body kicks score for Kongo. Filipovic answers with a stiff left leg to Kongo's midsection. Kongo takes Filipovic down with a single-leg. Kongo elbows the head from side-control. “Cro Cop” eats a nasty left elbow before using good leg work to achieve full-guard. Heels on hips for Mirko. Kongo stands over Filipovic and lands an axe kick to the body. Mirko kicks the taller fighter off and works to his feet. Knees to the body score for Kongo. The French fighter lands three knees to the body before the horn sounds. Though now tired, Kongo absolutely dominated Mirko in the second round, 10-9.

Round 3
Knee to the body and a straight right snaps Cro Cop's head back. Kongo knees Mirko in the groin. “Big” John McCarthy stops the contest to warn the French fighter. Stiff body kick lands for Kongo. And another. Filipovic is getting schooled in London. Kongo clinches with the Croat against the fence. McCarthy separates them and restarts the action. Kongo lands a knee to the chin that stuns Filipovic. 40 seconds remain in the contest. The horn sounds to end the bout. Kongo took it to the PRIDE ace without a doubt, 10-9. All three judges agree, 29-28 for Kongo.