UFC 75 Live Spoiler Coverage – Update #8

The following is from Sherdog.com:

Michael Bisping (Pictures) vs. Matt Hamill (Pictures)
Round 1
Hamill rushes Bisping and catches him with a right hand. And another. Nice jab for Bisping. Hamill misses on a wild flying knee. Hamill stalks the Brit around the cage, throwing a left jab. Right hand lead lands for Hamill. Two inside low kicks score for Bisping, as he uses good footwork in circling the cage. Hamill takes the fight to the floor with a single-leg takedown, but Bisping quickly gets to his feet. Hamill rocks Bisping with a right hand. Bisping is hurt and bleeding. Two lefts land for the American. Stiff jab for Hamill. Bisping lands his first meaningful shot of the fight in the form of a right hand. Left hand cracks the British fighter. Hamill throws Bisping to the mat like a rag doll before the horn sounds. 10-9 for Hamill.

Round 2
The Ohioan catches a Bisping low kick and takes him to the floor. Bisping goes high with his hips, using a rubber guard. Hamill stands and invites Bisping to trade. The Brit obliges, and throws a one-two. Right elbow cracks Bisping's skull. Hamill shoots and rips Bisping to the mat. Bisping gets to his feet and throws a left, right combo that glances. Hamill looks tired with a minute left in the second. Sloppy double jab lands for Hamill. Bisping unloads with a flashy combo but nothing lands. Tough round to score, but Sherdog.com awards it to Bisping due to aggression, 10-9.

Round 3
Bisping starts the final round strong with a left hook and a right straight. Uppercut lands for Bisping. The Brit winds up for a right hand that glances. Hamill shoots twice but Bisping stuffs them both. Hamill tries again, but this time he gets him down. Hamill works from half-guard, where he throws two elbows. Back in full-guard, Bisping looks for an armbar unsuccessfully. Flying knee lands for Bisping but Hamill rips him to the mat. Back into the Brit's guard, Hamill offers little in terms of offense. Bisping punches from the bottom with heels on hips. Back to their feet after a scramble, Hamill hits Bisping with a right hand. Bisping stuffs a takedown and lands a let hand before the horn sounds. Good, close fight. This one could go either way. 10-9 for Bisping. 29-28 Bisping, 30-27 Hamill and 29-28 for Bisping. The Brit takes a hard-fought split decision.