UFC 75 Live Spoiler Coverage – Update #9

The following is from Sherdog.com:

Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson
Round 1
Rampage pushes forward, throwing bombs. Henderson lands a short right before clinchin with Jackson with his back to the cage. Henderson switches position and knees the left thigh of Jackson. Jackson swings wild as the fighters exit the fencing. Henderson trips up the UFC champion and lands in side-control. Knees to the body score for Henderson from the top. Ater a brief moment in a crucifix, Jackson scrambles to his feet, where he eats a left. Knee to the body by Hendo. Rampage hits the body. Hendo pushes off and cracks Jackson with a right hand on the chin. First round is all Henderson, 10-9.

Round 2
Henderson lands a right to the body as he ducks under a Rampage haymaker. Henderson clinches with Jackson and trips him to the floor. Henderson now works from side-control. Jackson exits out the back door and gets back to his feet. Two minutes remain in the round. Henderson tries the same trip again, but Rampage takes the top position. Elbows land for Jackson. Though Jackson finishes strong, Sherdog.com sees it 10-9 for Henderson.

Round 3
Jackson lands a low kick and a digging body shot. “Ramage” lands a right hand. Jackson takes the fight to the floor with a well executed tackle. Quinton knees the body from side-control. Henderson looks for a kimura from the bottom in half-guard but Jackson has none of it. Another elbow lands for Jackson. Using another Kimura, Henderson rolls Jackson over and lands an elbow of his own. One minute left in the round. Now back to their feet, the fighters trade wildly but nothing lands flush. 10-9 for Jackson.

Round 4
Henderson slips and Jackson clubs away with left hammer fists. Henderson looks for an armbar but Jackson escapes and moves to side-control. Jackson now has half of Henderson's back. Now in half-guard, Jackson continues to control the PRIDE ace. John McCarthy threatens to stand the action up. Right hand lands for Quinton. “Big” John stands them up. Left jab lands for Jackson. Right hand scores for Jackson. Henderson is showing signs of fatigue. 10-9 for Rampage.

Round 5
Left hand lands for Jackson. Henderson's mouth is open, sucking for air. The pace slows to a crawl as the fighters clinch against the fence. Single underhook for Jackson. On exit from the cage, both fighters land heavy leather. Quinton tees off with two left hands. Henderson answers with a right hand and a body-lock takedown.