UFC 82 Results: Heath Herring VS Cheick Kongo

CREDIT: Sherdog.com

Cheick Kongo vs. Heath Herring

Round 1
A right hand from Herring Dropped Kongo down to a knee in the first seconds of round one. Kongo recovered and scored a single-leg takedown into half-guard. Herring used a Kimura to get to his feet, but was taken right back down after Herring caught a low kick. Herring swept and took the top position. Kongo stood up and was caught in a front headlock briefly before taking Herring down again. Kongo went to the mount but could not stay in the position because Herring's back was against the fence. Herring got to his feet and got a takedown of his own. Kongo reversed the position, where he controlled Herring's neck with both fighters in the four point position.

Round 2
Kongo took the top position during a scramble. An upkick from Herring forced Kongo backwards, where the fighters stayed until the referee stood Herring up. Kongo bent over and took Herring down with a powerful double-leg. Herring got to his knees, and tasted some punches while the Frenchman was on his back with no hooks. Herring rolled Kongo over and went to north-south. From side-control, Herring landed heavy knees to the body for the rest of the period.

Round 3
Herring and Congo clashed low kicks, which knocked both fighters to the ground. Kongo got up first and took the top position on the ground. Herring stood up and rushed in for a single, but Kongo pushed the head to the ground and briefly took Herring's back. Herring spun and went to side-control and north-south, where he punched the body with his right hand. Back in side-control, Herring went to work on the body with his left hand. Knees to the body followed, as Kongo looked clueless with Herring in the dominant position. Herring moved to mount, where the fight finished.

The official judges see the bout 29-28 (twice for Herring) and 29-28 for Kongo. Herring took the split decision.