UFC 83 RESULTS: Matt Serra Vs Georges St. Pierre WW Title

CREDIT: Sherdog.com

Round 1
Serra leads with a right hand to the body and St. Pierre drops directly into a successful takedown. From half-guard, St. Pierre pushes the head down but he can't get anything going before Serra got back to full-guard. Lightly striking from the top, St. Pierre looks to pass but Serra is game. A hard right and left hand score for GSP. St. Pierre advances to side-control. Serra offers his back and nearly gets to his feet but St. Pierre holds him down while elbowing the head. Sporting a mouse under his right eye, Serra stands and gets hit with a superman punch before being taken back down. St. Pierre turns it on with punches to the head and knees to the body as the horn sounds.

Round 2
St. Pierre catches a lazy Serra low kick and drags him to the ground after hitting his opponent with a straight right. Serra grazed a head kick and followed with a right hand. GSP turns it up and snaps Serra's head back with a handful of jabs. Back to the ground went the fighters as St. Pierre scored another takedown with ease. With Serra resting on his knees, St. Pierre knees the body hard. Serra rolled over to avoid the knees and found himself on the bottom in half-guard. St. Pierre is dominating with punches. Serra has no answer as he rolls over to his stomach and is hit with more powerful knees to the body and punches to the head. Serra covered and forced referee Yves Lavigne to intervene at 4:45 of the second.