UFC 85 RESULTS: Paul Taylor vs. Jess Liaudin


Paul Taylor vs. Jess Liaudin

Round 1
The fighters trade blows in the center of the Octagon with neither gaining the upper hand early. Liaudin drops levels for a takedown and succeeds directly into side-control. Taylor escapes and gets to his feet, but the referee stands them up quickly after action slows. Liaudin lands a flying knee and Taylor answers with a punch that stuns the Frenchman and sends him to the canvas. Close round that goes 10-9 to Taylor on the Sherdog.com scorecard.

Round 2
The action slows a bit in the second as Liaudin scores an early takedown. Taylor separates and gets to his feet, where he is taken back down. He controls and strikes from the top for the duration of the round. 10-9 Liaudin.

Round 3
The fighters come out trading low kicks to kickoff the final frame. Taylor defends a takedown and is hit with a knee for his trouble. Liaudin scores a takedown but he can't hold Taylor down. Liaudin gets another takedown, but the referee stands them up shortly after. Laiudin pulls guard and gets the round on the Sherdog.com scorecard.

The official judges' scorecards are in and Taylor takes a split-decision.