UFC 87 RESULTS: Cheick Kongo vs. Dan Evensen

From Sherdog.com

Round 1
Kongo starts with a right low kick. The two men clinch and Kongo puts Evenson into the fence. From there, Kongo secures his opponent with a takedown. Kongo then stands and starts attacking the legs of the grounded Evenson. Referee Yves Lavigne stands them up. Back to the clinch the two men grapple with Evenson's back to the cage. Evenson looks for a guillotine but has nothing. Kong is working to grab the legs and Evenson frames up another guillotine choke. Kongo is unphased and still works for the takedown. He finally gets it and moves to half-guard. The Frenchman then stands and kicks the legs of Evenson. The fight is then stood back up. Kongo lands a flurry of strikes that sends Evenson to the mat. With only 10 seconds left Kongo goes in for the kill. Lavigne stops the bout at 4:55 round one. Cheick Kongo wins by TKO.


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