UFC 88 RESULTS: Dong Hyun Kim vs. Matt Brown

Thanks to Sherdog.com for this match result:

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Matt Brown
Round 1
Brown kicks off the fight with a right straight that misses its target. Kim lands a left hand and trips Brown to the canvas. The Team Gurgel fighter stands but he has Kim on his back with one hook. The Korean fighter works for a rear-naked choke while standing, but Brown defends. Brown shakes his opponent off. Kim, undeterred, again hops on Brown’s back while in a standing position. Brown escapes danger and works briefly from the top-position in guard before standing. An excellent straight right to the body scores for Brown. Kim attempts an inside-leg trip against the fencing that falls short. Brown switches positions and pushes his opponent to the cage. One minute remains in the opening period. Brown trips Kim to the canvas and with half of his opponent’s back, looks for a rear-naked choke of his own. Kim clears the technique and again transitions to Brown’s back.

Round 2
Brown goes to the front leg of his opponent with a low kick. The American is headhunting, looking for one punch that can end the fight. Brown lands a solid right kick to the body. A scramble from the clinch ends with a brief moment of ground action, but Brown returns to his feet. Brown scores a takedown and begins to work from Kim’s closed-guard. Brown stands again and applies pressure with knees, kicks and punches. Brown throws a beautiful counter combination — a right, left, right — three-piece that connects. Brown gets a takedown and finishes strong with punches from the top position.

Round 3
Brown eats a grazing punch and realizes he doesn’t have a mouth-guard in. Referee Mario Yamasaki calls time to retrieve the safety device. The action is resumed and Kim trips Brown to the floor into side-control. Kim can’t hold the dominant position. Brown stands and delivers a knee to the midsection. The fighters clinch against the fencing and Brown lands digging right hands to the body. Kim gets off the fence and lands a left-standing elbow. Kim again trips Brown to the canvas. Brown elbows the head from the bottom and Kim returns the favor with a right elbow that glances. Two more score cleanly. Brown is cut under his left eye. The laceration is large but time expires.

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