UFC 88 RESULTS: Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill

Thanks to Sherdog.com for this match result:

Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill
Round 1
The Queen City natives touch hands to begin the contest. Franklin goes to the lead leg of Hamill with three low kicks in the opening 40 seconds. Franklin continues to work the leg but he has yet to connect with a solid kick. Hamill counter punches from the outside but like Franklin, struggles to land with a clean blow. Franklin goes to the inside of Hamill’s right leg and these smack their target. A glancing left hook from Hamill opens a cut above the right eye of Franklin. One minute remains in the frame. Hamill rushes in and muscles Franklin to the canvas. Hamill, now bleeding from above his right eye, defends an armbar attempt. The fighters stand and trade knees as the horn sounds. Franklin’s cut appears to be deep and serious.

Round 2
While Franklin’s cut is deep, bleeding has been stopped for now. Franklin applies pressure with kicks to the body and a flurry of punches. Referee Mario Yamasaki steps in to have the doctor check out Franklin. A chunk of flesh is missing on the eye lid near Franklin’s right temple. The doctor allows the fight to continue. Franklin kicks Hamill on the cup. Time is given to Hamill to recover and a referee warning is issued. Franklin pours it on with kicks to the inside and outside of the left leg of Hamill. A stiff left kick to the body connects for Franklin. Another low kick crashes into Hamill’s left leg. The wrestler, feeling the affects of the punishment, starts to reach for his takedowns instead of dropping levels. A flying knee from Franklin misses short at the end of the frame.

Round 3
Franklin crushes Hamill with a liver kick and this fight is over. The wrestler folds to the canvas and covers while tapping out. The official time is 0:39 of the third.

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