UFC 90 RESULTS: Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote


Source: Sherdog.com

Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote
Round 1
The bouncy Cote takes the center of the Octagon as Silva dances around the outside. Cote lands some early leg kicks. Without throwing a strike, a “Silva, Silva” chant is already building in the Allstate Arena. Through two minutes, the bout has been primarily leg kicks for either party. A short inside leg kick for Silva brings Cote forward, and almost allows him to tie him up in the Thai clinch. Silva, with his lead right hand low, stares down Cote from the pocket, while Cote bobs and weaves without throwing. A Cote kick to the body is blocked. Cote switches to southpaw momentarily, but switches back to Orthodox, lunging at Silva with punches which miss. Silva lands a big left head kick, and is able to land a lunging left knee on Cote inside which slashes his forehead open. A now-orthodox Silva sticks the jab in Cote’s face before turning back to southpaw. Silva pacing on the outside, attempting to get Cote to come forward, while Cote switches his stance back and forth again. A hard leg kick from Silva turns Cote around momentarily. Cote continues stalking, and Silva throws a switch-step high kick which is blocked as the round ends. Both fighters bow to one another to end an opening round that was largely a feeling-out process.

Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Silva
TJ DeSantis scores the round: 10-9 Silva
Lotfi Sariahmed scores the round: 10-9 Silva

Round 2
Cote opens with another inside leg kick. A nimble Silva bounces around the perimeter, but explodes forward with a two punch combination, and throws a jumping switch head kick which just misses. Cote responds with a spinning back fist which grazes Silva, and the champion presses “The Predator” into the fence. A big right hook by Cote is easily ducked by Silva, who lands a stiff left kick to the body. Cote takes a literal run at Silva, who changes levels and takes him down with a double leg takedown against the fence, settling into Cote’s guard. Cote using wrist control to stop Silva from pounding on him, and lands a sharp elbow to the crown of Silva’s head. Silva stands above Cote, and offers Cote his hand in the middle of the fight to help him up, before backing away and allowing him to regain his feet. Cote attempts to jab in, and Silva easily moves out of range. Silva throwing his hands around aimlessly, as Cote stands in front of him resolute. Silva lands a hard right leg kick, as Cote drops for a low single. Silva escapes, throws another, and Cote gets a deeper grab on the single leg, as he pushes Silva into the fence. Cote bails out on the takedown, and Silva lands a swinging back elbow, and a late salvo of knees to the torso from the body clinch.

Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Silva
TJ DeSantis scores the round: 10-9 Silva
Lotfi Sariahmed scores the round: 10-9 Silva

Round 3
Cote is the first man to make it to the third heat with Silva in the Octagon, and he lands an overhand right and a leg kick to begin the round. As Cote crow hops toward Silva, he plants awkwardly on his back leg, and pops his right knee, and falls back to the mat. Cote grabs his knee, writhing on the mat, and awkwardly attempts to get to his feet. As he finally struggles to his feet, referee Herb Dean informs him that he’s in no condition to continue. The injury brings an extremely anti-climactic end to the fight at just 0:39 of the third round.

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