UFC 90 RESULTS: Gray Maynard vs. Rich Clementi


Source: Sherdog.com

Lightweight Bout: Gray Maynard vs. Rich Clementi
Round 1
Both fighters crouched, circling around each other tentatively through the first 30 seconds. Maynard jabs and comes in with a cross on the back of it, but fails to land. Clementi opening his hands, trying to bait Maynard into activity. Clementi has a body kick blocked, but snaps a crisp leg kick. The slow pace draws boos from the Chicago crowd, as Maynard lands a right hook, and an uppercut which just graze Clementi. Maynard with a weak shot, and Clementi easily gets an underhook and brushes him by. Maynard throwing jabs, and right overhands from outside, but not landing anything significant. Maynard steps inside of a Clementi leg kick, and elevates “No Love” with a big slam into half guard. Maynard punches away to Clementi’s ribs while Clementi looks for a half-guard sweep. A very telegraphed armbar is easily thwarted by Maynard, who lands some punches and elbows, his best offense so far, to end the round.

Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Maynard
TJ DeSantis scores the round: 10-9 Maynard
Lotfi Sariahmed scores the round: 10-9 Clementi

Round 2
A good counter right cross for Maynard lands. Clementi lands a hard leg kick, but Maynard bulls him into the cage for a moment. Both fighters putting right crosses over each other as they exchange, but Maynard drops levels for a takedown. Clementi turns his body around, but can’t avoid the takedown, as Maynard assumes top position. Maynard looks for a top position guillotine, but Clementi sweeps him with butterfly hooks, and gets to his feet for a moment, before Maynard takes him back down with a single leg. Clementi sets up an omoplata, but Maynard stays on top as Clementi fails to roll through successfully. Maynard now upright in Clementi’s half guard, looking to pound. Clementi nearly initiates a scramble as he sneaks below Maynard’s body from the half guard, but Maynard retains top position, controlling him with a partial headlock. Clementi continuing to work for a sweep, but Maynard stays on top, getting into full guard and punching away. Maynard stacks Clementi and passes to side control as the round expires.

Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Maynard
TJ DeSantis scores the round: 10-9 Maynard
Lotfi Sariahmed scores the round: 10-9 Maynard

Round 3
The two touch gloves to begin the final round. As an aggressive, stalking Clementi moves in, Maynard elevates and slams Clementi to the mat again, landing in half guard. Maynard attempting to control Clementi’s head as referee Todd Frederickson asks the pair for action. Clementi attempts to use a kimura sweep to initiate another scramble, but Maynard has none of it, reaffirming top position and getting into Clementi’s full guard. Maynard uses a partial headlock to move to side control, but Clementi regains half guard. Clementi uses the half guard to sneak between Maynard’s legs through the back, attempting a low single. Although Clementi makes it to his feet, Maynard gets control of his waist, and forces another takedown with just over 90 seconds to go. With 60 seconds to go, Clementi finally scrambles to top position, but can’t get Maynard’s back as Maynard squares up on Clementi, and takes “No Love” down again. The Chicago crowd heartily booing as Clementi controls Maynard’s wrists, thwarting his attempts to ground and pound him as the lackluster affair ends.

Jordan Breen scores the round: 10-9 Maynard
TJ DeSantis scores the round: 10-9 Maynard
Lotfi Sariahmed scores the round: 10-9 Maynard

All three judges score the bout 30-27 for Maynard.


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