UFC 96 Results: Matt Hamill Vs. Mark Munoz


From Sherdog.com:

Matt Hamill vs. Mark Munoz

Round 1
Hamill quickly pressing forward, and thwarts a single-leg attempt from Munoz. An inside leg kick for Hamill lands, and he follows forward with an awkward barrage of punches which force Munoz to shoot a single. He nearly gets Hamill to the mat, but Hamill is able to regain his balance and pancake the former Oklahoma State wrestler and get back to his feet. A left hook to the body lands solid for Munoz. Munoz loading up with right hooks which are blocked by Hamill. Munoz puts a left hook to the body of Hamill, who walks him down, and lands with another awkward smattering of punches, punctuated with a stiff right cross, the best punch of the fight. Right cross lands for Hamill as Munoz come forward. Munoz swims to the clinch, but a left hook is largely blocked. Hamill again traps Munoz on the fence and lands two hooks as Munoz attempts to weave away. As Munoz strafes along the fence, Hamill launches a right roundhouse kick that figuratively decapitates Munoz, crumpling him against the cage, and forcing referee Dan Miragliotta to rescue Munoz at 3:53 of the first round. Munoz is out cold, and remains down following the stoppage. Munoz was down for several minutes, but eventually walked out of the Octagon under his own power wearing a neck brace.


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