UFC Addresses Financial Aspect Of Ronda Rousey & Floyd Mayweather’s Recent Beef

For months now, Floyd Mayweather — the king of boxing, and Ronda Rousey — the queen of MMA, have been exchanging verbal jabs at each other throughout the media. On Friday, the UFC themselves finally got involved.

On Thursday, “Money” Mayweather finally addressed the controversial comments Rousey made about him and his domestic abuse past during her two acceptance speeches at this year’s ESPY Awards, one of which saw “Rowdy” Ronda beat out “Money” Mayweather for “Fighter of the Year.”

Part of Rousey’s already infamous speech referenced the fact that Mayweather has finally been beaten by a woman, a not-so-subtle reference to Mayweather’s past issues with domestic violence incidents. Secondly, Rousey pointed out her belief that Mayweather — who pretended not to know who “he” (Rousey) was in the past — certainly knows who she is now.

While Rousey won’t be making $300 million per fight anytime soon — if ever — UFC’s social media response, which you can check out on page two — with a UFC-produced video response, emphasized the length of time Rousey spends to earn the multi-million dollar paydays she receives for her very short-lived appearances inside the world-famous Octagon.

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