UFC Fight Night 11 Fighter Pay Info Revealed


The following are the official pay outs to fighters who participated on the UFC Fight Night 11 show on Spike TV on Wednesday, September 19, 2007. Remember these are only the REPORTED pay outs to fighters documented by the state commission, and do not include the many undisclosed bonuses.

-Kenny Florian ($22,000) def. Din Thomas ($16,000)
-Chris Leben ($20,000) def. Terry Martin ($12,000)
-Nate Diaz ($30,000) def. Junior Assuncao ($6,000)
-Nate Quarry ($20,000) def. Pete Sell ($10,000)
-Luke Cummo ($32,000) def. Edilberto Crocota ($4,000)
-Cole Miller ($16,000) def. Leonard Garcia ($6,000)
-Gray Maynard ($16,000) def. Joe Veres ($3,000)
-Thiago Alves ($28,000) def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka ($10,000)
-Dustin Hazelett ($16,000) def. Jonathan Goulet ($6,500)

Total disclosed payroll: $273,500



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