UFC Reveals Two New Octagon Girls For The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America

UFC has announced two knew Octagon Girls for The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America – Betzy Montero and Jamillette Gaxiola. Check out this gallery of the beautiful ladies, followed by the official press release announcement.

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  • ddp

    id like to “pummel” both of em with my genetic jackhammer, especially betzy

    • Will_Wanket

      I’d like to take them home to Pound City.

  • rvqwvwq

    Two more talentless bimbos

    • Cage

      How do you know they’re not talented?

    • brad

      Who cares they are there for the looks and nothing else so what does it matter.

      • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

        Indeed they were hired for eye candy, unlike the divas who are suppose to be more than just that.

  • The Total Dude

    Both wore out (and in) girls who slept to the top. I wouldn’t buy either one a drink…Ick!

    • Kenny Powers

      Really bro, “Ick”? Please turn in your man card at the front desk… NOW CUPCAKE!

      • The Total Dude

        The one on the left is a total horse – homelier then a bucket of slop and her friend is just used and wrung out to dry. You wouldn’t know cute – fine and sweet even if was stuffed in your sorry face.

        • Kenny Powers

          You said “Ick”… Your opinion no longer counts when it comes to women. Be gone, fruitloop…

          • The Total Dude

            I love (good looking) women not the common skank – whore that you’re use jerk off….speaking of which = you are. Adio’s

          • Bry Ocampo

            I wonder how you can even reply, your gay bro. Thats the truth, you are a dick sucking homo.

  • http://www.htwebdesigns.weebly.com/ Howie

    nothing special….

  • What?

    The 2 hottest women in the world.

  • The Man From Jonestown

    Superior to both.

    • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

      Idk. Those two ladies probably know some decent BJJ that mopped the floor with Layla. All three are still pretty hott tho and I wouldn’t mind seeing them get down and dirty in a mud wrestling match or bra and panties showdown.

    • Tony Slicer

      fap fap fap

  • rudy

    It’s going to be a slow news worthy day

  • FilipinoBroskie

    Soon we’ll get to see leaked nude photos of them. :)

  • heterosexual