UFN 14 RESULTS: Frank Edgar vs. Hermes Franca

Credit: Shredog.com

Round 1
Edgar and Franca square off in the lone lightweight tilt on the main card with Yves Lavigne handling the action. Edgar comes out looking to throw punches but Franca immediately flops to guard and Edgar follows him down. Edgar staying composed on top landing short strikes while stifling Franca's submission game. Edgar continues to land short, powerful strikes while Franca can't seem to find an opening. Franca secures an armbar out of nowhere and has it deep while Edgar frantically defends the tecnique. After some tense moments, Edgar manages to pull his arm out and ends up going back to the feet. Edgar engages on the feet but Franca lands some big punches that force Edgar to take him back to the ground. Edgar lands a few short punches while Franca remains composed operating from the guard. The round closes with not much action as Edgar remains disciplined on top. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 2
The second round opens with a strong leg kick by Franca but Edgar looks better on the feet this time around using his superior hand speed to catch Franca with combinations before landing a takedown. Edgar continues with his ground and pound strategy and continues to find success with it. Edgar tries to pass guard but Franca keeps this bout right where it is. Edgar continues to land compact strikes while Franca offers little offense of his own. Edgar collapses Franca's guard and takes his back with no hooks in which allows Franca to roll back to guard but not before absorbing a few punches from Edgar. They scramble back to the feet but after a brief exchange, Edgar takes it back to the ground to close out the round. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 3
The action in the third starts quickly with Franca landing a big uppercut off an attempted takedown by Edgar. Franca then dazes Edgar with a knee off another attempted takedown which prompts Edgar to take the bout down. After landing a few blows inside Franca's guard, the bout goes back to the feet and Edgar sneaks in a nice high kick but Franca noly flinches. Another takedown by Edgar and Franca looks for an omoplata but Edgar avoids it easily and ends up taking Franca's back with no hooks in. Franca gets himself back on his feet but Edgar throws him down yet again. Franca is desperate for a submission at this point but Edgar's top control is solid. Nice attempt at an elevator to armbar transition by Franca but Edgar evades it with surprising ease. They go back to the feet and Franca lands a couple of punches followed by a massive knee that wobbles Edgar badly but Edgar immediately secures a takedown and ends the round in top control. 10-9 Franca. Edgar wins 30-27 on all three scorecards.

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