UFN 14 RESULTS: Jesse Taylor vs. CB Dollaway

Credit: Shredog.com

Round 1
Taylor and Dollaway open the main card action this evening with Yves Lavigne refereeing. Taylor takes the center of the octagon early and goes for a takedown but Dollaway shucks him off. Taylor opts to clinch against the cage while Dollaway goes for a whizzer that ends with Taylor on top. A scramble on the mat ends with Dollaway landing an illegal knee which leads to a stiff warning from Lavigne. Taylor declares himself fit to fight after a brief rest and shoots in for a takedown that Dollaway reverses. Now in mount, Dollaway moves to Taylor's back looking for a rear naked choke. Taylor turns out of back mount, gets back to the feet and scores a trip takedown. The action slows with Taylor on top landing the occasional elbow and punch. Taylor suddenly gets over aggressive with looping shots which leads to Dollaway taking his back yet again. Dollaway quickly transitions to a Peruvian necktie submission and scores a beautiful tap out win in the first round.

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