Ultimate Kombat Championship Brings 3 Title Fights


Ultimate Kombat Championship brings 3 Title Fights

The latest force to blast Southern Louisiana isn't a hurricane – it's Ultimate Kombat Championship – otherwise known as UKC. UKC has been providing South Louisiana, namely the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, with high-energy, fully sanctioned MMA fights for nearly a year. Since the company began in early 2007, UKC has awarded title belts in three different weight classes, had fights broadcast online to thousands of viewers worldwide, and more recently held a live Internet broadcast of a UKC Ring Girl competition.

UKC has also partnered with website, Beat Down TV ( www.beatdowntv.com) who hosts the live fight events along with Bionic Imaging. So what's next? Saturday, December 15 at 8:00 PM Central Time, UKC brings the world “UKC: BATTLEGROUNDS III” at the New Orleans Convention Center. The fights will be broadcast live online at www.bionicimaging.com where three more title belts – Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, and Lightweight – will be fought for and awarded. Plus the night of fights, broadcasted for the price of a movie rental this weekend, December 15th, will feature fighters from countries not always represented in MMA competition. Two Israeli fighters will participate, as well as a Mexican fighter will trade blows. Find out more about the card at http://www.ukcmma.com/.

2008 has some massive things happening at UKC. The first two UKC fights of 2008 will be centered around a revolutionary concept entered into with Beat Down TV. The companies are will be unveiling a cutting-edge web show that will feature five pro MMA fighters living in a house, training in gyms, and hanging out at local clubs. What's the big deal, you ask? It's all LIVE! That's right – no editing or post production. Viewers will be able to log in from all over the world and watch the unedited action as it develops live. The fighters will be working as a team with incentives for those who win their upcoming fights and viewers will be able to vote for their favorite fighters. The fans will choose the winner who will be given a title shot in his respective weight class at the show's finale. Meanwhile, tune in Saturday night at 8:00 PM at www.bionicimaging.com for UKC's latest round of MMA action.


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