Update On Ronda Rousey Possibly Working For WWE In The Future

As we reported a few weeks ago, UFC Champions Jon Jones and Ronda Rousey, along with Rousey’s “Four Horsewomen” faction, were backstage at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view event in Los Angeles, California.

Apparently while at the show, some ideas were thrown around among the WWE creative team regarding the possibility of WWE doing something with Rousey and the Four Horsewomen on the show, however the ideas reportedly “fell on deaf ears” because of the belief that the WWE decision-makers don’t know much about the UFC.

It’s worth noting, however, that there is a feeling within WWE that the company will make some kind of offer to Rousey in the future, possibly at next year’s WrestleMania 31 event in Santa Clara, California.

(Hat Tip: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  1. fell on deaf ears because they don’t know about UFC…what BS. she wouldn’t be put on screen and in the front row and let backstage if they didn’t know who she was. I’m sure everyone in wwe was drooling at the thought of working with these girls the problem is that Dana will never allow it

  2. I’d rather her do something with WWE than get into acting. Physical competition is more her thing.

  3. Vince*, Dana would get more publicity from this than vince, that is why he is more likely to turn the idea down.

  4. Dana would get publicity he doesn’t want.. his fighters doing something in “fake pro wrestling” doesn’t gain many fans for him. Vince has nothing but good things from a deal like this

  5. I feel like I’m in a no-win situation right now.
    Things are wrong in WWE and perhaps even in UFC/MMA and nobody seems to even realize this.

  6. Sometimes pro wrestling isn’t fake. Some of the time it is real. Depending on the match and who’s participating in it.
    Pro wrestling isn’t always fake. There are times guys in WWE do get injured and hurt in matches.
    I say this:
    Leave it up to the WWE Superstars/pro wrestlers as to how physical they want their matches to be and to go. If they really want to prove stupid things then they will do that.
    If they don’t want to do that then they should not do that!

  7. All of this totally sucks!
    Rhonda Rousey being handed the chance to get into UFC/MMA or WWE sucks and isn’t fair at all!

  8. She can fight, that’s for sure. Perhaps she’s getting more exposure because she’s more attractive than other female fighters of her caliber.

  9. Fact: Rousey is a professional fighter. Fact: The divas are not fighters; they can barely wrestle as it is. Rousey would kill them easily.

  10. Stephanie’s been the best heel in the company for a while now. I’d say keep building up Steph, then bring in Rousey to feud with her. Hell, if she doesn’t want to fight her, they can even bring in Kharma to represent Stephanie at WM31.

  11. Ronda is so gorgeous!.I love her smile.I hope she comes to WWE.The other divas wouldn’t stand a chance.She could make half the guys on the roster tap out.

  12. Who could face her in the divas division? These aren’t the days when Chyna (a licensed boxer in the 90s) or Jazz are on the roster LOL It wouldn’t even be believable if one of the male superstars on the roster challenged her: she’d destroy them as well.

  13. This comment actually made me laugh. If you honestly believe this “fighter” hasn’t been carried since day one you’re living in a fantasy land. Wwe is WAY more legit then ufc one the simple fact that they tell you upfront that it’s just a show instead of having a loud dbag with a chicks name telling at you that you’re watching an actual fight and not something that’s more scripted then that shitty expendables movie she was in. .

  14. It’s true though. They’re both fake as hell but one tells you is fake as hell and the other rigs everything and calls it a sport. I’m just glad the affliction shirt thing is about dead. Wwe doesn’t need the pub from a fad lady fighter anyway, last I checked they did better business then ufc.

  15. I can think of a few who would put on a believable match with her. Charlotte and Natalya are good mat technicians from famous families. Naomi is very athletic and has a style that would make for an interesting clash with Roussey’s ground and pound submission style. Tamina Snuka has the size and strength to match up with her, plus she can do the high flying thing when she needs to. But the one Diva I’d really like to see her in the ring against would be Kharma. that match would have been epic.

  16. Lol you have to be kidding. Find an mma fighter, slap them across the face, and tell them that their sport is fake. Take pictures of the fake ass whooping you receive and post.

  17. I have a better idea.
    How about the only way I physically whup ass on any “fighter” regardless of if he or she is a “trained” fighter or not…. is if I end it… ASAP via suckerpunch and leave him or her reeling away in agony, unconsious or so injured that they can’t physically recover and I leave?

    That is…after they intentionally antagonize, insult, bully, or behave unwisely toward myself or anyone or anything I care about.
    What I respect about the MMA/UFC fighters is when they behave respectfully, kindly and fairly toward others because it shows they give a damn about doing what’s right and not intentionally behaving immaturely or unprofessionally.
    Randy Orton’s like that as well and it’s better for me to emulate him.

  18. But if someone’s on PD or were on HD they aren’t allowed to fight in something like MMA or UFC per sae. But no one says I can’t begin training/working out in simliar ways to professional MMA/UFC fighters, etc… lifting weights, doing calasthenics, walking/jogging/running, climbing stairs etc.
    So that I’ll be in proper physical and mental condition to fight/compete when I get to WWE’s Performance Center with a dog or two that I’ll have… in the future.
    I honestly don’t know or care that I’ll be doing matches vs guys, girls or whoever. No, it’s not going to be easy to do. However it’s doable.
    I want to be as athletic and strong as Randy Orton is….in my own way. I can and will reach my own personal best and surpass that….because that’s achievable.

  19. So the Olympics are staged as well? Cause she’s and Olympic bronze medalist in Judo. BTW if you think the UFC/MMA is staged your I.Q. is lower than you think lol.


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