Video: A Fired Up Wanderlei Silva Responds To Chael Sonnen’s Recent Comments

Although both are still suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission and their past attempts to put together a fight fell short for a variety of unusual and unfortunate reasons, there is still some heat between longtime rivals and MMA legends Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva.

Sonnen recently got the attention of Silva again when he claimed that he convinced him to coach the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil with him when he showed him his bank account.

“The Axe Murderer” took to his official Facebook page to respond to Sonnen’s comments in the video you can see above. Below is the transcribed comments from Silva from the video, translated to English by

“There was a report this week about my archrival Sonnen telling stories from TUF, telling lies. He’s unbelievable. He comes here and tells a story that didn’t happen. When the show started, my first act was to tell him ‘turn to the camera and apologize for everything you said about this country or I won’t work with you’. And he said ‘I won’t apologize, I really think this is a sh—y country, and I won’t apologize. I left, and started talking to the production when my coach, Rafael Cordeiro, came to me and said: ‘Wanderlei, here’s the deal, you will be able to answer this guy the way you like, inside the rind. You will beat him up. Go back and do the show not for him, but for the athletes’. I respect my master, and I said ‘master, you’re right’. And he comes and says he showed me his bank account. What is this? Sonnen, you’re a pu—y. You’re hiding behind the UFC contract, you’re still tied to this event. I was able to let myself free and will fight in other promotions. This year, God willing, I will come back. And I’ll tell you this, we’re in different promotions, but we live in the same world. I don’t accept anyone telling lies about me. I can go there and put my hand in your face, you punk. When your archrival is talking trash, that’s one of the things that motivate you the most. I challenge you. If you can’t fight MMA, I challenge Sonnen to do any type of fight that involves punches in the face. If you want it, come get it.”

Silva recently got out of his contract with the UFC and signed with both the Bellator MMA and Rizin FF promotions. Meanwhile, Sonnen, who has been retired for the past couple of years, has been teasing a possible MMA return upon the expiration of his NAC suspension.