Video: Thinking They Were Off Camera, Cormier & Evans Talk Trash About Fighting Each Other

In the fight game, sometimes your friends are your enemies, and your enemies are your friends. Other times, the lines get blurred. When the cameras stopped rolling on the set of UFC Tonight, show hosts Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans, both of whom fight at 205 pounds, got into a heated argument.

The argument stemmed from a behind-the-scenes negotiation that took place regarding the two fighting each other in the recent past.

The video, which you can watch on page two, was caught by MMA journalist and FOX Sports 1 host Karyn Bryant of, who had her own camera rolling while the guys thought the FOX cameras weren’t filming them.

Check out the footage on page two to watch as Cormier and Evans bicker back-and-forth about how they remember the negotiations for a fight against each other went.

Needless to say, things started off friendly, but they didn’t exactly stay that way as the argument grew more heated by the second.